11 Video Making Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Video Making Side Hustles

Have you always dreamed of being a big time video producer, but somehow life got in the way? Same. It is still possible to make big money with videography if you have the drive and a bit of creativity. 

We live in a video driven world. With more of our shopping and consumer decisions being made online, videos are more important than ever to build trust, demo products, and deliver a brand experience. In most doctors' offices, real estate offices and car dealerships you will see a looping brand video being shown on large monitors. Manufacturers, dentists, real estate agents, and authors aren't video making experts, though. They hire videographers to create the videos they need to get the results they want. 

If you want to take your amateur video making to the next level, here are 11 ways to start stacking cash with a video making side hustle.

1. Customer Testimonial Videos

Positive testimonials and product reviews are excellent selling tools. Consumers trust the opinions of their peers. Most businesses do not know where to start when it comes to filming customer testimonials to be displayed on their website. That is where you come in!

2. CEO/Founder Messages

Whether a CEO has a message to deliver to his staff or to his customers, a video is much more personal and heartfelt. A service for CEOs to quickly film, edit and publish their video message could be a popular side hustle.

Use the Small Business Video Making Bundle to get started.

3. Product Videos

We have talked about how to create powerful product videos, but the truth is that many ecommerce business owners either don't have the skill level or don't have the time to put product videos together. Offer to shoot product videos for ecom owners and even local businesses and free up some of their time. 

Use the Starr Ecom Bundle to get started.

4. Educational and Tutorial Videos

This type of video is especially useful for software products and apps. Combining screenshots with real world shots helps users understand how to use the digital product and improves the user experience. 

5. Training Videos

Research explains that employees internalize systems and processes better when they learn about them through video. Create a series of training videos to teach employees about procedures, new products, or systems.

6. Brand Videos

Brand videos have grown to become a necessity for corporations. These videos set the tone of the company culture, mission, vision and objectives. A brand video can make or break a first impression. Brand video makers are in high demand.

7. Book Trailers

Similar to movie trailers, book trailers are growing in popularity as one of the best ways to launch a new book. Book trailers are expected to have cinematographic elements and compel the purchase of the book. 

Use the Cinematic Filmmaker Bundle to get started.

8. Local Band / Artist Filmographer

Local artists and musicians who are looking to increase their exposure need high quality videos to share on social media and on their websites. Contracting with local artists to film their concerts or art exhibit is a great way to help your local art community while earning some side hustle income.

 9. Real Estate Videos

Many times the real estate video sells the property. When investors and home buyers are sifting through hundreds of listings, a high quality, impressive video can make a property stand out from the crowd. High quality videos lead to more showing appointments. Link up with a few local real estate agents to earn some side hustle income. 

Use the Cinematic Filmmaker Bundle to get started.

10. Fundraising Videos

Non-profit organizations and fundraisers rely on heartfelt, high quality videos to inspire their audience to open up their wallets and donate. Reliable, professional videographers are essential to successful fundraising.

11. High School Athletic Highlight Film

Your sports highlight film could be the reason a scholar athlete receives a full scholarship to college. Every year thousands of high level athletes are overlooked by college recruiters because they don't have comprehensive, high quality highlight film that coaches require. Network with local high school teams and sports parents to grow a high demand side hustle opportunity.

Use the Coaches Bundle to get started.

Now that you know what industries are desperate for your video making skills, dive right in and launch your lucrative side hustle today!


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