Create Powerful DIY Ecom Product Videos That Sell

Create ecom product videos that convert into sales

Including video as part of your ecommerce product marketing strategy is no longer optional. Visitors to your site are anywhere from 64%-85% (depending on your industry) more likely to buy after watching a product video.  As infrastructure, internet speed, and hosting platforms have improved, videos are now more feasible and effective than ever.

But you aren't a videographer. You don't have fancy video equipment. So, how will you ever have the ability to create DIY ecom product videos that convert? 

The first step is to invest in some DIY video equipment. It isn't complex or expensive and will more than pay off in converted sales. 

What Video Equipment Do I Need?

The answer to this question depends on what type of product you sell. If you sell home goods or kitchen gadgets, you may not need as much equipment as if you sell electric bikes or drones. Either way, expect to spend between $150-$500 for your video set up. That's incredibly affordable compared to the production costs of a professional product video. And once you are set up, you can make hundreds of videos yourself whenever you need them. 

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Top Ecom Product Video Tips

Now that you are set up with your equipment, how can you maximize the effectiveness of your product videos? Here are a few tips from the professionals:

  1. Use the perfect shot. Take a large variety of shots from different angles and with various lighting sources and then edit to show the product in the best possible shot.
  2. Avoid shaky videos. If you purchased a bundle, it most likely came with a tripod. Use it. 
  3. The product is the focal point. It may be tempting to use stylized backgrounds or cool outdoor settings, but remember, the product is the centerpiece. Be careful with backgrounds that can distract form the product.
  4. Shoot landscape. Social media and other video players are designed to accommodate landscape videos.
  5. Size matters. When shooting home goods, jewelry, or similar items, be sure to show scale. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns by setting size expectations.

What Are the Added Benefits of Product Videos?

Besides the obvious benefit of customers being able to see your product in action, there are several other benefits. Creating high quality videos also has these big benefits:

Social media loves video content. Videos receive further reach on Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Plus, creating video content opens up the world of YouTube. 

Videos reduce bounce rates. When visitors spend more time on your website watching product videos, they are more likely to click around and spend more time on your site. Google like this. 

Infuse your passion. We have been talking about product videos, but don't be afraid to create a brand video where you visually demonstrate the lifestyle or expertise behind your brand.

Broaden the online shopping experience. When consumers shop online, our senses are limited. We have to select a product based on what we see in images and read in content. Adding video to the mix improves the experience, allows for more insight into the product and increases trust. Videos make people pull out their credit cards.

We love to share videos. Video content is the most widely shared on the web. Enough said.

With the right equipment and these tips from the pros, no one will ever know that your video content is DIY. Now, get that shot!



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