How to Create Impressive Videos for Filmmaking Newbies

Create Impressive Video for Newbies

Have you ever tried to film a home video or a vacation video with your camera or smart phone but it was an epic fail? We are here to show you how to create impressive videos.

Step One: The Right Equipment

If you have a smart phone or tablet, you have nearly everything you need to film impressive video. Add the Cinematic Filmmaker Bundle and you are ready to shoot.

Step Two: Select a Great Location

Until you master indoor lighting, it is best to pick an outdoor location with good lighting. Lots of natural light on a porch or in a sun room are two great choices if you have to shoot indoors.

Step Three: Good Angles

Place the camera at or above shoulder height for filming. If you are filming a still video, your subject's shoulders should be in the middle of the shot. Do as short test video before committing to full length. Also consider setting up multiple cameras for different angled shots.

Step Four: Speak Clearly

Whether you are speaking from talking points or following a script, it is smart to run through what you will say at least once before filming. Pay attention to whether you sound too loud or soft and if you should speak more slowly. Unless you are a naturally gifted speaker, you will need practice. 

Step Five: Upload for Editing

If you are using a smart device, you can upload your file to YouTube and set it to private mode or you can send it to your computer through Dropbox for editing.

Step Six: Editing

You can use YouTube's video editor or another video editing software like iMovie. Break up your filming into short clips with altered angles. Cut out any errors or slow spots. Stick with simple transitions that do not detract from the purpose of the video. Add effects and filters as needed. 

Step Seven: Publish Your Video

Select the video platform you want to publish your video on. Choose from Vimeo, YouTube or even a privately hosted website. Make your video private and provide a link to your chosen audience or make it public and watch the views rise.

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