Which Device Do I Have?

What's up guys? Dave here from iOgrapher.

This video will show you what device you have. There are so many iPads and so many different models. Let me help you find the right device for your iPhone or iPad!

So first of all, if you know the model you just need to go into the SHOP icon, it'll say, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, this will take you to cases.

Same with the bundles, if you click on any of these they'll take you to a page that'll show you which bundle, for which type of iPad, et cetera.

You can also go into the search bar here and type in, let's say iPad Pro 10.5.

All your iPhones and iPads have the ability to tell you what they are inside the device, in the general settings. Let's jump over and take a look at it now.

Once in your iPad Click into Settings. Scroll down and click General.

Then you need to click About. 

Now, it says model name. So this is an iPad Air, 3rd Generation.  But, where it says model number and you see this MUUK2... So that's an internal Apple thing, and we're not going to use that. Click it once. 

And now it says A2152. That is the model number! If you did a Google search for A2152 it will show the name of the model!

Now if I search A2152 in the iOgrapher search bar, the drop down right away is going to show you, "Oh! 10.5 Pro Case. That's what I need. And here's the bundle for that, and here's another bundle for that." So, it's going to take you to exactly the page that you need, for your device. I hope this helps, and clears things up.

Apple also has a great page that gives you all the model numbers. Click here to view it.

Thank you for coming by iOgrapher! And we love serving you every day. 

I'm Dave Basulto. Cheers.


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Which Device Do I have?


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