Improve Your Sports Highlight Film to Secure a Scholarship

Improve Your Sports Highlight Film to Secure a Scholarship

As the start of the high school year draws closer, it's time to start thinking about creating student-athlete highlight videos that stand out from the crowd and showcase your talent. Did you know that student-athletes with high quality highlight video are 12 times more likely to be noticed by recruiting college coaches? Compiling new highlight videos with fresh footage on an ongoing basis gives you a great reason to reach back out to a coach or connect with a new coach.

Different sports require different types of videos, varying angles, and different activities. Game footage is necessary for volleyball, football, and soccer. Other sports like softball, baseball, football special teams and track and field require technical skill footage. If you are lucky, your high school has high tech equipment and a few videographers available to catch your very best highlights.

Unfortunately, most high schools do not have the budget to film each and every athlete. Increase your chances of receiving offers from college recruiters by taking control of your sports highlight film and creating your own high quality highlight film. 

The Right Video Technology is Everything

 Before you invest in your own equipment, check with your high school athletic department about whether there is equipment you can use. If highlight video equipment and a videographer is available, you are a step ahead the rest. However, if no equipment is available to you or you feel that you aren't getting the video attention you need, there are options. 


The average total cost for a 4 year university is more than $100,000. For less than $200, the Coaches Bundle will set you up with everything you need to create your own high quality highlight film. That is a very small investment that could result in a huge payout in the form of an athletic scholarship and a free four year education.

Whether you are filming from the stands or down on the court, you want to have options. Shaky, grainy footage or film that is blurry is an instant challenge for recruiters. Your equipment should include:

  • Tripod
  • Wide angle lens
  • Telephoto Lens
  • Phone case with attachment options

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Once your teammates see how professional your highlight film is, you may be able to launch a nice little side hustle by offering your services to other athletes.

 More Film is Always Better

There is no such thing as too much video. The more footage you capture, the more options you will have when compiling your highlight film. Get into the habit of filming games and skill sessions. You never know when you will make that huge play, so always have your film equipment set up and ready. 

As you stockpile film, start separating out the winning clips. Always keep the goal in mind as you sort through film- you want to grab the attention of college recruiters and play at the next level. 

Now It's Time for Editing

There are several editing platforms out there for creating highlight film. Hudl is one of our favorites and has set the industry standard for highlight video. You may be tempted to hire a professional editing service, but that isn't necessary. Recruiters don't expect professional, cinema quality athletic highlight film, but they do have a few criteria:

  • Add an arrow or other marker to make it easy for them to spot you.
  • Include your name, school, and jersey number within the first few seconds of the video.
  • Highlight videos should be 3-5 minutes or even shorter.
  • Don't fuss with audio. Most coaches watch film on mute.
  • Keep in mind that coaches want to see your off-ball performance, too. Include film of smart reactions and hustle.

Create one primary highlight video to send out to your top colleges of interest. This video will also be linked to any online athletic profiles. Make sure that your coach has the highlight video link on hand to send to coaches that express interest in you. Also create several shorter highlight videos to draw and maintain interest on your various social media platforms. 

Work hard, film hard, and get that scholarship money!

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