How to Take Amazing Videos of Your Kids

how to take amazing videos of your kids

If you are a parent, you understand the obsession of capturing every moment. The days are long but the years are short and videos are a way for us to hold on to special moments and stages. Thankfully, today's technology and a few helpful tips are all we need to take beautiful videos of our children. 

Invest in High-Quality, Low Cost Tools

Back in the 80s and 90s, parents would lug around giant black boxes that recorded terrible quality videos of begrudging kids. Thankfully, we have moved on from that. Today, all you need is your mobile phone and an iOgrapher starter bundle and you can shoot professional quality videos in minutes. 

Get Down on Their Level

This one piece of advice will change the quality of your videos immensely. When you position the tripod level with your childrens' shoulders, magic happens. Positioning the camera at their height allows you to see the world from their perspectives. Your videos will suddenly be so much more than the tops of their heads- you will get the complete scene captured beautifully. 

Take More Video Than You Think You Need

Have you noticed that as soon as you stop recording, your kid does something spectacular? It never fails. Set the camera on a tripod and keep it rolling. Magic is guaranteed to happen. You can always edit later. 

Be Part of the Video

As parents, we are accustomed to being behind the scenes. When we get in on the action, we have a beautiful video of us interacting with our child. Set the camera on a tripod and start playing with your kids. These will be your most cherished videos one day.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Backlighting is a video killer. Turn off backlights or close blinds. Also, don't be afraid to use a ring light when you are filming. They are simple to use and make a big difference when lighting is challenging.

Be Quiet

As parents, we are used to giving instruction, praise, and encouragement. It is what we do. But, in videos, it is annoying. Remember that you are capturing authentic moments, not directing a film. Practice being quiet while filming and you will be much happier with the final result. 

Get in Close

The closer you are able to set up your tripod, the better the video will be. Videos that are up close feel more intimate and authentic. Getting in close will allow you to capture details that will be so important to you years from now. 

Upload and Organize

Once you edit your video, name it and save it in an organized file. These are precious memories and should be treated as such.

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