3 Powerful Videos to Add to Your LinkedIn Profile

3 Powerful Videos to Add to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you use LinkedIn for business, it is time to begin incorporating videos into your LinkedIn profile. Whether you are looking to promote products or services, find a new job, or establish yourself as an industry expert, adding videos to your LinkedIn profile is one way to get there.

Two common places to post video links is in the Featured section of your profile and in the Experience section. The featured section allows you to pin the video to the top for extra exposure. Both places allow for a link to video and can help to elevate your LinkedIn profile. To date, only about 20% of LinkedIn users are leveraging video in the personal profile, so this is an opportunity to stand out.

If you are struggling to identify what types of videos would be powerful marketing tools for you or your business, here are our top three.

Personal Intro Video

Creating a personal video is a great way to introduce yourself in a powerful way. Tell a story, talk about your background, experience, your professional aspirations or your small business. It is important that you are likeable and charismatic in your video and that your audience can easily relate to you. Take 3-5 minutes to provide an opportunity for your audience or prospective employers to get to know you. Be sure to keep the video updated as you take on new challenges and reach new milestones.

Product or Service Demo Video

If you use LinkedIn to promote a product or service, a demo video may be the secret to taking sales to the next level. It isn't necessary to pay for an expensive video team to create a perfectly polished videos. Most often, your audience can be persuaded to buy with an authentic video that shows exactly how to use the product. Demo the product in a brief video that touches on product features and benefits. Talk directly to your audience and avoid being too salesy.

Customer Testimonials

Did you know that 84% of consumers report relying on customer reviews to make buying decisions? That is a huge number. Customer testimonial videos are an extremely powerful component of digital marketing. Create a few customer testimonials with your favorite fans and include them in your LinkedIn profile. When your audience sees how your product or service is helping others, they will quickly get onboard.

Don't forget to add a video description. LinkedIn allows for 1300 characters, which is plenty to include some relevant keywords that will help you video to be discovered. 

Making any of these three types of videos for your LinkedIn profile is easy with an iOgrapher Live Video Bundle. The bundle includes everything you need to product professional quality videos quickly and cost effectively. 

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