How to Create Speed Art Videos

How to Create Speed Art Videos

If you love the creative arts, you have likely watched speed art videos in amazement. As the name describes, speed art videos are speeded up recordings of the creative process from start to finish. They are meant to depict the complexity of the artist process, but with a quick and fun to watch video. Art takes time. Most paintings take several hours to complete, but a typical speed art video is less than twenty minutes long. Most speed art videos are created using digital art, but there are physical mediums that make for great speed art videos, as well. Speed art videos have become a form of relaxing and fascinating entertainment for many. 

This is one of our favorite speed art videos:

Not only are these videos fun to watch, but they are also very lucrative. Many of the digital speed art videos are created with Twitch or other streaming platforms. But, what do you do if you want to create speed art videos of physical art?

Create Your Own Speed Art Videos

Follow these steps and  you will quickly be part of the fast growing speed art community. 

Use the Right Equipment

You may be surprised to learn that your smartphone has all of the features you will need to create your own speed art video, including time-lapse mode. To start filming, you will need your smartphone, a tripod, and some great lighting. We recommend the iOgrapher Multi-case for supporting your smartphone. Add a great, flexible tripod to hold your camera while you are creating. We love natural light, but it is inconsistent and prone to changing shadows. Invest in some LED lighting for a consistent, well lit speed art experience. Test your equipment set up to make sure that positioning and lighting will work well. Make adjustments as needed.


Now it is time to get to work doing what you love. Begin creating your art. Be mindful that your medium should remain in place so that it stays positioned correctly in the video screen. Limit your body movements so that the focus is on the creation of the art. Test out a few positions before getting started.


The editing process will require editing software. There are hundreds from which to choose, but they all offer basically the same features. IMovie is a free option with limited features and some paid options are Final Cut, Pinnacle, and Sony Vegas Pro. 

Editing software will take your time lapsed video and compile a series of photos into a video that can be edited. Add music or commentary, depending on the goal of your video. Create an intro and outro and add some fun graphics throughout. 

Infuse your personality and artistic flair into your videos and you will soon have a following of like minded people. Nick at Import Autumn is a great example of speed art as a brand.

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