7 Videos Your School Needs to Shoot Today

7 Videos Your School Needs to Shoot Today

YouTube reports that video consumption has risen by 100% or more every year for the past several years and is one of the most popular formats of content. Whether you already create video content within your school or are starting from scratch this year,here are 7 videos your school needs to shoot today:

1. School Admissions Video

Maybe you are responsible for keeping admissions rates high at your private school. Or, you simply want your public school to stand out among the others in your school district. Regardless of your motivation, having a school admissions video on hand for social media sharing is a must. Include a panoramic view of the school campus and a few brief student and faculty interview clips. Focus on what differentiates your amazing school from all the others. 

2. Student Generated Video Content

Hands-on-learning is essential within classrooms to engage students with kinesthetic learning styles. Learning by doing activates different parts of the brain and stimulates long term learning. One great way to incorporate hands-on-learning in your curriculum is through student generated video content. Book reports, science projects, and presentations can be video recorded and presented to the class in a fun-filled format. Have an annual video production contest and engage students with innovative video content creation.

3. Athletic Highlight Videos

Unless your athletes are nationally ranked and have college scouts traveling to watch them play in person, your athletes need professional highlight videos. College scouts rely on athlete highlight film to prioritize recruits. In many cases, highlight film is the only way to catch the attention of colleges and earn scholarships. When your school provides the appropriate video equipment for student athletes to create stellar highlight film, you set them up for college success.

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4. Parent Communication Videos

Successfully engaging with parents and keeping them updated about your mission, upcoming events, and emergencies is key to the success of your school. Use video as a tool to introduce yourself and your school to new parents or to stay in touch with existing families as a convenient and personable way to engage. 


5. Back to School Video

Create a back to school video and send it out to students and their families as a way to introduce the goals for the year and reinforce the school rules. Create one to welcome teachers and staff to the new school year and update them on changes. Create another one for students and their families. Videos are a fun way to communicate on a large scale, while still showing your face.

6. Teacher Recruiting Video

Recruiting qualified educators is tough. Attract teachers to your school by creating a recruiting video. Showcase the culture of your school and expectations of the position. Include a few teacher testimonials to demonstrate the exceptional career teachers will have when they teach at your school.

7. Open House Videos

Open house events are exciting! Unfortunately, not all families are able to attend your school's open house due to schedule conflicts. Create a video of the open house festivities and include all pertinent information for the upcoming school year. Distribute the video through email to all families so that no one feels left out of the fun.

Ideas for school related video content are only limited by your imagination. Adding video technology to your school lets the community know that you are committed to innovative learning and communication.  

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