How to Create a Video Resume That Brings Multiple Job Offers

create a video resume

Have you spent several hours drafting the "perfect resume" only to be passed over time and again? Job hunting is frustrating and stressful. Wordsmithing your education, past experience, professional objectives, and best attributes doesn't guarantee that you will be a stand-out candidate. Of course, recruiters are looking for high quality talent, but they are also looking for the best presentation. Today, a standard paper resume no longer makes the cut. 

What Is A Video Resume?

Used to either support a paper resume or completely replace it, a video resume is a short video created for the prospective employer. The video includes the following:

  • A brief introduction (something personal that makes you different)
  • Relevant experience
  • Professional objectives
  • Notable projects
  • What you bring to the team

Creativity matters!

Here are two of our favorite video resume examples to give you some ideas:



Don't you want to hire both of these candidates today after watching their videos?

How Can a Video Resume Improve Your Odds of Landing the Perfect Job?

Most industries involve some type of technology. Not only does a video resume demonstrate your knowledge of video tech, it also lets prospective employers know that you are creative and an "outside of the box" thinker. Videos allow your personality to shine in a way that it can't with a paper resume. They are also memorable. In a sea of paper resumes, your face and voice will leave an impression.

Video Resume Tips

Pay attention to your background. If you are in your home office, tidy up a bit and be mindful of what the audience will see. If you don't have a great place to film, consider using a digital background. 

Present your professional self. Treat the video resume as an interview. Dress for an interview and remember that first impressions are everything.

Tailor your video to your audience. If you are applying for specific positions, consider creating multiple videos that specifically mention the prospective employer and speak directly to hiring manager. Always consider who will be evaluating the video.

Use visuals. As you saw in the examples above, the use of visuals helped to make the videos more exciting. Avoid droning on and on. Show your audience what you are referring to with relevant visuals.

Prepare an outline. It isn't necessary to prepare an actual script, but plan an outline. Avoid rambling and stick to a well organized outline that flows from one topic to another. 

Keep it short. A successful video resume will be 1-3 minutes. The video doesn't replace an actual interview, so save something for when you get a callback. 

Get feedback before making it live. Do not go live until you get some extra eyes on your video. Ask a few people who you trust to provide suggestions for improvement.

Include a link to a portfolio or a CV. Think of the video as the teaser. If the viewer wants additional info, send them to your portfolio or a link to your CV with contact info. Adding a link to your LinkedIn profile is a great idea as long as you keep it updated and looking professional.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Filming your video resume is simple with the right equipment. The incredible quality of modern day smart phones lends itself to professional quality video making on a budget. The iOgrapher Premium Live Bundle is all you need to create a professional looking and sounding video resume from home. The multi case secures your smart phone or tablet and provides a stable tripod mount. The LED light provides perfect lighting for close up shots and the lavalier microphone captures impeccable sound. For less than $200, you can create a professional video recording studio from the comfort of your home. 

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Now that you understand the value of a video resume, start working on yours and land your dream job today!

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