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What You Need to Go Live Right Now

What You Need to Go Live Right Now

It seems like every month there is a new way to share content through some type of broadcasting. Gone are the days that only media giants with mega budgets could afford the equipment and networks necessary to make filmmaking and live broadcasting successful. The power for relatively anyone to create high quality content and share it, is exactly the goal iOgrapher has had since its creation.

When the production cost simply involves a smartphone and internet connection, the creative possibilities are almost endless. Using live broadcasting features have proven useful for businesses and organizations at every level, sports, tutorials, interviews, vlogging, performances, and many more. While you may need minimal resources to go live, there are some steps and accessories we strongly recommend to make your live content the best it can be. We’ve put together our top recommendations and accessories you need to get the best out of your live stream. 

1.  Stability

It's imperative that your device, iPhone or iPad, has some sort of mount to keep it stable while filming. Having stability will make a world of difference, rather than just holding device in your hand or propping it against some kind of a book on a table. Our top mounting accessory is, of course, the iOgrapher! 

2.  Microphones 

In our opinion, audio is a key ingredient to a successful live stream. Imagine going to the movies and the audio of your favorite actors was horrible, would you stay and watch? Though the microphones on devices improve every year, with the incredible variety of affordable microphones there is simply no excuse for subpar audio. The simplest and cheapest fix is to use the earbuds that come with your smartphone or iPad, in order to reduce unnecessary noise.  

To step things up, we recommend a lavalier microphone, such as the iRig Mic Lav. This microphone plugs right into your device, and even allows you to plug in your headphones to monitor the audio. You can get even fancier with plugging in another lavalier microphone into the headphone slot to add to lines of audio, and the mic allows you to daisy chain the same type of iRig Mic Lav over and over, if needed. 

 If the lavalier microphone isn't quite what you're looking for, we recommend taking a look at a shotgun microphone, such as the Rode VideoMic GO. At just $99, it will provide you sound quality that is light years ahead of the norm. This is a great microphone for all around shooting and allows you to pick up audio from 6 feet away.

3.  Tripods 

Having a small portable tripod is worth its weight in gold because you can set up and start shooting in a matter of minutes. Take a look at our iOgrapher Multi Use Tripod, our standard tripod. In situations where a level surface isn’t available or you need to ability to twist and hook onto things, we recommend the iOgrapher FLEX Mini Tripod. Often times you want to go live right at your desk or on the kitchen table, and having a small tripod will be great for this.  

 4.  Lights 

Often times live streams take place during the day, so enhancing lighting is an opportunity most people skip. However, lighting is key to make you stand among the professionals and stand out from the amateurs. We recommend investing in some lights. There are many small portable lights available, such as the Lume Cube, the Manfrotto LUMIMUSE, and the clip on Diva LED light. All of these will provide nice lighting to make you stand out  during your live streams.

5.  Apps 

Okay so apps aren't really an accessory, or are they? We highly recommend taking a look at Switcher Go. It is our favorite app to do live streams to Facebook or YouTube, simply because it enables the ability to add logos, previous footage, photos, screenshots, and more. This is an awesome app especially for people who don't want to feature their face on their live stream. You can quickly import images, such as a title page, directly to the app for your live stream. Or you can import video stills that you may have taken out in the field, maybe for an interview, or any footage, and import it directly to the Switcher Go app and add it to your live stream at the click of a button. Do yourself a favor and download this app now, it's free!


 Check out our Live Stream Kit, which is perfect for beginner live streamers. For tips on why live broadcasting is essential for your business and brand, check out this article by our expert live streamer and CEO, Dave Basulto.  

IOgrapher encourages users to get out, create something, and share it. We hope these tips help you create or enhance your live stream.Be sure to comment your ideas and experiences with your live streams! 

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