Social Media Day-San Diego 2017

Social Media Day-San Diego 2017

This past Friday, we went down to the beautiful San Diego for the annual Social Media Day to learn all the new updates and tips in the world of social media marketing. That’s the wonderful, and sometimes tedious, part about being in a technology driven industry, there is always something new to learn and improve on. Even if your business does not directly deal with technology driven products or services, the reality is that nowadays businesses of any size need to utilize the various forms of social media marketing in order to remain competitive. This is why conferences like Social Media Day, are so important and so worth it! 

 One of our favorite takeaways from the conference was the introduction to Bonjoro, a service that allows your business to send personalized, unique, one to one videos to your customers. The virtual world has become so competitive for businesses to not only fight for advertising space, but has also become so competitive in the ability to maintain customer interest. Customer service expectations are rising like never before, and customers want to know that your business cares about the individual customer, and what better way to demonstrate that than a personalized video sent directly to a customer’s email thanking them for their purchase of your product? Keep an eye out for personalized videos from our iOgrapher team, because this a simple yet amazing breakthrough in customer service that we can’t wait to get started. 

The idea of personalization and showing the relatable and human side of your business, was a common theme throughout the conference. The wonderful Sue B. Zimmerman, an expert in Instagram for business owners, shared the power of Instagram stories. They allow your business to show the personal and behind the scenes side of your business, which results in more engaged and loyal customers. 

Other wonderful speakers discussed the secrets to developing successful Facebook advertisements, and what it takes to make the money spent on advertising turn into measurable results. Other sessions discussed the power of live streaming, social media influencer marketing, and utilizing user generated content. 

Social Media Day is a great opportunity for every type of business and for every size. If you’re looking for new innovative ways to improve your social media marketing with a great location for networking, SMD is the event for you. IOgrapher is proud to be a sponsor for this day! 

Check out the list of speakers and their discussion topics right here
How are you being creative with your social media marketing? Leave a comment below! 

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