FAVORITE APPS for iOgraphers: Filming, Editing, and Multicam!

FAVORITE APPS for iOgraphers: Filming, Editing, and Multicam!

So you’ve found yourself with some awesome iOgrapher gear, you’re ready to film, but what can you do to take your filming experience to the next level? The beauty of iOgrapher is that it allows you to incorporate so many different tools, both hardware, and software. We’ve put together this list of our favorite apps for iOgraphers.


 FiLMiC Pro  by FiLMiC Inc. $14.99

This app is hands down the best filmmaking app out there, in our opinion. This app provides users with manual control for features like focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, tint and color temperature. There are also a ton of professional tools such as audio meters, stereo microphone support, informative thirds guide and aspect ratio overlays. There is even a feature that allows you to shoot in LOG for coloring later.  There are so many bells and whistles, it is sure to satisfy the needs of every level of videographer. The app wins not only with its incredible amount of bells and whistles but also its clean and simple layout making it truly user-friendly. If that’s not enough, there is also a FiLMiC Remote that you can load onto another iOS device or an Apple watch, to remotely control your video. 


The best tutorials for this app can be found here

 Clips by Apple Free

This is a fun creative video making app by Apple. What we love is we can talk as we’re shooting, and it will not only record my voice but also create captions on the screen! Its features include taking new photos or videos from within the app, or you can use content from your existing camera roll and library. From there you can add music, whether that be from your personal library or using Clips selection of tracks. You can add text, filters, overlays, emojis, and posters, which are basically opaque transition cards. This app allows you take all the fun of social media filming apps like Snapchat, without the social networking aspect. You can check it out here

Our honorable mentions for editing apps are Mavis- $16.99 and Guerilla Filmmaker- $8.99.


 KineMaster  By NexStreaming USA, Inc. Free

 Our new go to editing app is Kinemaster. Since we saw it at IBC last year, we wanted it on our iOS devices. It has multi layers, greenscreen keying, and so much more, resulting in a robust app for all our editing needs. It even has a handwriting layer which allows you to draw directly onto the video, which is great for storyboarding. This is hands down our go to editing app, until something like a Final Cut Pro iOS or Premiere Pro iOS comes out. KineMaster is a subscription service, but you are able to use it in trial mode. You can check it out here

 LumaFusion  By Luma Touch LLC $19.99

This is a solid professional editing and effects app that was our favorite until Kinemaster came out, though it remains a close second. You can check it out here.

Honorable mentions for editing are iMovie-Free and Adobe Premiere Clips-Free

Multi Camera Apps

These apps enable you to use more than one iOS device as cameras. 

 Switcher Studio By Switcher Inc. Free to try then monthly fee

This system has an awesome user interface, allowing you to connect your devices together to have a variety of video sources. You can connect up to 9 devices over wifi. You can either capture footage to your iPad or iPhone, or directly stream to FB, YouTube and others. It costs $25 per month to be subscribed to their system. You can check it out here. 

 SlingStudio Console and SlingStudio Capture By Sling Media Free

This multicam app is the newcomer, but definitely game changer. To clarify, SlingStudio is for iPad use, and Capture is for iPhone use. Sling Studio itself, is an amazing box that is a dual router and capture device allowing you to connect all your devices. If you are not using iOS devices with apps above, you can connect your other devices to it via HDMI (so DSLR, GoPRo, Blackmagic Cameras etc). This system allows you to connect up to 6 cameras at a time, without a problem. With this system, you can go live to Facebook or Youtube, or you can record directly to an SD card. Sling Studio also has plugins to edit footage in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere PRO in post. You can check it out here.


Have other app suggestions for iOgraphers? We want to hear your experiences! Leave us a comment!


Stephanie, the Customer Success Manager at iOgrapher, is a recent graduate in Business Administration from the University of Redlands with a passion for visual creativity

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