User Spotlight - Tom Tuthill

User Spotlight - Tom Tuthill

Today we shine the spotlight on iOgrapher Tom Tuthill! 

iOg - What do you do?

TT - I am an older, seasoned videographer, who is only recently getting back into full production mode. In the Mid'90s I volunteered for over 2000 hours with Shaw Cable, in Kelowna, BC. That was the start of my video career. Between 2001 and 2008, I produced over 35 Live Musical Theatre DVDs, using up to 6 Sony Dig8 camcorders, iMovie 2.1 to edit, and DVD Studio Pro 2. In the past 2 years, I started playing with my iPod Touch 5s and an iPad Mini 2 for videos, editing in Final Cut Pro 10.

iOg - How is mobile video helping your business or job?

TT - During 2016, using the Filmic Pro app, I began my MultiCam IOS Professional Video career. I found an artist who wanted to make several training videos, so with my IOS cameras in hand, we put together several tutorial videos. I joined Film Club West, a local video group, and gained access to many short scripts by local writers. In June/July I shot my first short film, TOO DARN HOT, using my IOS devices and the iOgrapher cases and lenses. I followed up with 2 more short scripts, OBSCURED, and EARTH THERAPY. Both are now complete, and I am looking to enter them in a few film festivals soon. So they are not presently available for public view.

iOg - How has the iOgrapher helped you in creating content?

TT - The iOgrapher cases have given me the professional look that I need when using iPods to record. As well, being able to use other lenses on them, and the cold shoe mounts for lights and sound recording devices, has gone a long way in allowing me to achieve professional results.

iOg - What is your favorite feature about the iOgrapher?

TT - This is a very tough question, as I like everything about these cases, that I use on a regular basis. I think I would have to say, the rave comments that I get when people see me using them, and then being totally surprised to find I am using an IOS device in such a professional manner.

iOg - Any other comments?

TT - I shot a sound recording session for Eliu Ramos, and edited the music in with my video for 3 of his numbers. His songs are now on the Radio in Venezuela, South America. My most recent success with the iOgrapher has been shooting an interview for Channel One, Russian TV. The producer, who is in LA, reviewed my video work on YouTube, and offered me the job. The show is called Жди Меня (Wait for Me), and I shot an interview with one of the guests and his family, who lives in my home town of Victoria, BC Canada. He and his family flew to Moscow, Russia only three days after the shoot, to be on the TV show that week.

You can check out Tom's work on his YouTube channel here!

Thanks Tom!

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