Live Video Is A Must For Your Business or Brand

Live Video Is A Must For Your Business or Brand

It’s a new year and you want to get your business, brand, or school off to a great start. I get it. So why not try live video? Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite! And not only will it work you might have fun too.

The best and most innovative way to connect with your customers and fans is through live video. I am living proof of that. When I started doing live shows on Facebook, I really engaged with our iOgrapher users and it felt good. I listened to praise for our products, great stories, struggles, feature requests, gripes, and anything in between. They were able to put a face to our brand and have access to me. It is a great two way street. (Shout out to Michael Stelzner of for calling it that and stopping us from saying streaming video!) 

Having tried pretty much every place that did live video, I have really focused on 3 places now: Facebook Live, Instagram, and Periscope/Periscope360. I get so much engagement from all these platforms it’s insane. I am always humbled people take time to listen to me show them a new product we sell, tell a story, or just answer questions.

As for what gear you need to get going, you really just need your mobile device and the apps. That being said to take things to the next level in audio, and video stability, I recommend our iOgrapher products. Our gear enables you to place your phone in our case, add lenses, lights, microphones, and mount on a tripod.

Super amazing Facebook Live Master Mari Smith uses our products. In fact we created a special iOgrapher bundle based on the products she uses. Here is the link. It has everything you need to get going now on your iphone.

Now lets discuss the places you need to be.

Read the full article on Dave's blog here. 

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