Apocalypto Productions

User Spotlight - Apocalypto Productions

User Spotlight - Apocalypto Productions

Apocalypto Productions is out of Upstate New York. They offer post production and script consultation services, and also release films that they produce ourselves.

iOg - What do you do?

AP - I'm an independent filmmaker who shoots short films of many genres, host a YouTube show called Film Discussion Thursday's, and offer preproduction and post production services.

iOg - How is mobile video helping you in your business or job?

AP - It is allowing me to carry a lot less gear that I would otherwise need if I didn't make the switch to mobile video. It also allows more work to be done in less time which is very beneficial when it comes to client deadlines.

iOg - How has the iOgrapher helped you in creating content?

AP - The iOgrapher has helped me create content by letting me achieve the ability to use a camera that fits right in my pocket. I feel that will be the future of video creation, along with filmmaking. Being teamed up with the iOgrapher will make a smartphone the best go to device when it comes to creating content of the future.

iOg - What is your favorite feature about the iOgrapher?

AP - I would have to say the best feature the iOgrapher has is the amount of shoe mounts it has so I can easily mount a microphone, a light, or any other mountable equipment I would need for a shoot.

iOg - Any other comments?

AP - Mobile filmmaking would not be possible if it weren't for this great and unique product. I highly recommend the switch to mobile video creation as this will change how content is created for many years to come!

Thanks AP! Find them on Facebook at http://facebook.com/ApocalyptoProductions

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