User Spotlight - Jim and Martine Holzman, owner of Martine's Pastries

User Spotlight - Jim and Martine Holzman, owner of Martine's Pastries

Martine's Pastries in Lexington, Kentucky sure make some delicious looking treats! See how they use video to entice us! 

iOg - What do you do?

MP - I'm Jim Holzman, my wife Martine and I own Martine's Pastries. We are creators of cakes, wedding cakes and desserts, and run a pastry shop in Lexington, KY.

iOg - How is mobile video helping with your business?

MP - On our YouTube channel we take viewers with us on wedding cake deliveries and behind the scenes in the shop to share with them the creation, setup, and display of our baking and cake art. Which, in an entertaining manner, allows us to introduce ourselves and our products to potential clients and/or subscribers

iOg - How has the iOgrapher helped you in creating content?

MP - The iOgrapher has been a wonderful tool for us in shooting and documenting our personal brand. We were researching video and audio equipment in 2016 when we discovered the iOgrapher. We tested it and as advertised got nearly professional quality video and audio with an external mic from our phone. Realizing that a 6s plus kit and tripod at a fraction of the DSLR price and learning curve would cover our needs, we made our purchase and have been shooting everything on it since.

iOg - What is your favorite feature about the iOgrapher? 

MP - The widened angle of the iPhone lens and being able to use the case handles to get nearly stable moving shots by hand.

Thanks for sharing your story! Wherever we pop into Lexington we will be sure to taste some of those amazing treats! 



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