User Spotlight - Meet indie filmmaker Narsiesse

User Spotlight - Meet indie filmmaker Narsiesse

iOg - What do you do?

Narsiesse - I am a First Nation filmmaker, writer, and director from Canada that recently went global with phase one of THE WINEMAKER film series. Phase one is a short film that leads to a four part mini web series that culminates in a feature film. THE WINEMAKER film series combines many of my passions: First Nation mythos, Japanese culture, William Shakespeare, and Art influences film references. I am using a smartphone with add-ons and apps throughout all stages of the filmmaking. By this I mean smartphone tech that allows me to do essential filmmaking jobs from preproduction to production and to even post production. I think that going forward that more and more feature length films will be filmed using smartphone technology. Another unique aspect of marketing and promoting THE WINEMAKER film series is that I showcase other Artist of various talents from visual to sound, while also promoting THE WINEMAKER. My children are involved with the film series and this is very important for me to show my children and other youth what is possible even when limits exist. I wouldn't have been able to film 90% of my shots without the iographer products.

iOg - How has mobile video impacted your filmmaking?

Narsiesse- It is night and day, almost every aspect of my filmmaking process for THE WINEMAKER film series is done via mobile video. For now, I wouldn't have it any other way. In my pocket, I, and any other Indie and/or professional filmmaker, have a movie making studio and distribution studio just waiting for them. Fact. Period. End of story. Filmmakers with mobile device tech are creating fabulous end products that are winning major awards and accolades across the globe. I wouldn't have a filmmaking career and THE WINEMAKER film series wouldn't be possible, if it wasn't for smartphones and filmmaking related apps and add-ons that level the playing field for filmmakers. Mobile video is affordable and often the apps, add-ons, and equipment are quite easy and intuitive to use; one can often learn to use the tech and equipment within a few days, but some devices may take a little longer to grasp. All is possible though.

iOg - How has the iOgrapher helped in your content creation?

Narsiesse - Like I said before, I wouldn't have been able to make 90% of my shots without iographer's products, especially the case. The case is so multi-functional and has quite a few ports to add on mics and lighting or whatever you need at that moment. The iographer case sits so well on any tripod, whether it be store bought or custom made device for a given scene. I worked more effectively and efficiently on the set, because of iographer and I am so grateful. It gave me time to work on other aspects of the filmmaking process. I am a huge fan of iographer products. Plus if you aren't sure how to use some of the iographer products and filmmaking apps, Dave Basulto has many great videos that help guide you and explain how to connect the filmmaking dots. He gets it because he has a filmmaking background and that to me is why iographer products work so well, because Dave is coming from a place of strength: experience. I watched many of his videos before I went out and started filmmaking; they were informative and helped me a ton.

iOg - What is your favorite feature of the iOgrapher?

Narsiesse - The iconic iographer case which works quite well on its owns; that is, you can easily walk around with it and film a scene and the shot will be steady (with a little practise, of course). Or you can quite easily mount the iographer case wherever you need to or on whatever tripod you have and start filming. It is that easy and that simple. The smartphone clicks into place and sits snug in the iographer case so you are confident twisting and turning the case, any which way, to get your shot just the way you want. The case is light weight and fits in your hands easily, so you can work for a long time holding the case if you must.

Awesome job! Check out his film here 

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