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This week we feature the amazing Tristan from!

iOg - What do you do?

ATN - I help business owners to be more productive, helping them find the time that they don't think they have, to do the things that they don't think they have time for in their business, and their personal life. Specialising in productivity, marketing and social media.

iOg - How is mobile video helping you in your business of job?

ATN -We deliver various training exclusively via mobile video to a range of clients across the globe.

iOg - How has the iOgrapher helped you in creating content?

ATN -iOgrapher is great for producing high-quality broadcasts. Increasing stability, and providing a range of solutions when the on-board lenses simply won't do. Mounting hour iOgrapher kit to a tripod, we have been able to broadcast and record live trainings & presentations.

iOg - What is your favorite feature about the iOgrapher?

ATN -For me specifically it has to be the passion, support and encouragement from the team at iOgrapher! but from a physical point, the compact nature of their products, combined with their stability and reliability.

iOg - Any other comments?

ATN -Keep doing what you're doing and thank you for all the great products.

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