Tips for Shooting Videos of Yourself from Home

Shooting video from home

This past year has presented several professional challenges. If you find yourself working from home or starting your own small business, one of those obstacles may be creating videos of yourself. Without the stylized backdrops of an executive office suite, a production team, or professional video experience, is it possible to shoot an acceptable video from your home?


Guidelines For Shooting Videos From Home

As daunting as it may seem, shooting a video of yourself from home is fairly easy when you follow a few great tips. 

Use the Right Equipment

The incredible quality of modern day smart phones lends itself to professional quality video making on a budget. The iOgrapher Premium Live Bundle is all you need to create a professional looking and sounding video of yourself from home. The multi case secures your smart phone or tablet and provides a stable tripod mount. The LED light provides perfect lighting for close up shots and the lavalier microphone captures impeccable sound. For less than $200, you can create a professional video recording studio from the comfort of your home. 

Identify a Quiet Spot

Finding a quiet spot in your home for filming your video is important for two reasons:

  1. Quiet limits distractions.
  2. Quiet boosts sound quality.

If you live in an area with persistent traffic or construction noises, those sounds will impact your video's sound quality. The combination of filming in a quiet room coupled with the quality of the LavMobile microphone will result in professional quality sound. Don't forget to account for the possibility of your dog barking. It is best to remove them from your quiet space if there is a chance they will bark.

Do a Test Run (or Two)

Have you ever recorded what felt like the perfect video to find out that your microphone was off or your lighting was bad? It is so frustrating and can be easily prevented with a quick test run. Record for at least a minute to capture sound, lighting, and angle. Make any needed adjustments, test again and then shoot. 

Experiment with Lighting

Natural light is always the most flattering; however, if being near a window means that there may be sound interference, there are other solutions. Ring lights are a great way to balance light and create a professional lighting experience. Test different areas of your home and different lighting sources to create the most flattering effect. 

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Understand Angles

Videos where the subject is looking either up at the camera or down onto the camera is confusing and unsettling. Videos are meant to feel as if you are speaking directly to the viewer. Using a tripod, play around with angles and camera height. Different angles can give different effects, so consider what type of video you are filming. Marketing videos should have a natural, conversational feel that makes the viewer at ease.

And Finally, Wear Pants

We have all seen the hilarious commercials of employee Zoom calls and that one guy has his angle wrong and everyone can see his boxer shorts. Most comedy is rooted in some type of truth. Don't cut corners with your appearance. Look your best and you will also feel your best.

Like most things, videos require a bit of practice and they will improve with time and experience. Using these tips, record videos that will make viewers think that you have a professional set up and videography experience. 

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