5 Important Tips for Using a Ring Light for Video

Tips for using a ring light for video

With an increasing number of us working from home, it can be difficult to master the best lighting for your Zoom conferences and other professional video. A decrease in personal contact has also made video email more popular. Maybe your office is too dark and your living area is too bright. Maybe your rooms have harsh shadows or unflattering wall colors. The focus of your videos has to be you and the message you are communicating. 

How can you send video email, appear for Zoom conferences and create other professional videos from your home? The secret is to have great lighting. Perfect lighting enables you to deliver sharp video content every time. You may think that creating high quality videos will require you to buy expensive, fancy lighting equipment- but, it won't. 

What Is a Ring Light?

tips for using a ring light

If you have wondered how vloggers, beauty influencers, and even real estate professionals capture gorgeous videos with ease, you are about to learn their secret. You will be surprised to learn that they aren't using high quality videography equipment. They are likely using their smart phone. The piece of equipment they are using is called a ring light

A ring light is a user-friendly lighting tool that allows users to obtain a uniform, perfectly positioned light source. Ring lights typically consist of several connected mini LED lights that are shaped into a circle. When used in video production, ring lights create a halo-like shadow that outlines the subject of the video. Ring lighting results in a dramatic and professional appearance and takes DIY video making to the next level. 

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How to Make a Ring Light Work For You

Now that you understand the benefits of using a ring light to film professional quality videos, follow these tips to get the most out of your ring light. 

Fun Fact: Ring lights were originally developed for and used by dental professionals.

1. Use a Tripod Stand

Use a tripod stand with your ring light to support the ring light and make sure that it is steady throughout the video. Look for a tripod stand that is fully adjustable and lightweight. We recommend tripods that are constructed from heavy duty aluminum- lightweight and durable.

2. Invest In A Ring Light Cell Phone/Tablet Adapter

If you have an older ring light, you may need to purchase a compatible adapter to enable it to attach to your tablet or smart phone. If you are purchasing a new ring light, consider a package that includes the necessary device adapters and a tripod.

3.  Avoid Mixed Video Lighting

Before you begin recording, test the lighting quality. If your space has particularly great natural light one day, don't use the ring light. If the light is too bright or producing shadows, use the ring lighting. The important thing to remember is to avoid mixed lighting. Your camera sensor will continuously try to balance the contrasting light sources, creating an unfavorable filming environment. 

4. Position Your Ring Light for the Perfect Effect

If you want your videos to appear bright and crisp, position the ring light two feet in front of you. The farther away the ring light, the more muted the overall look of the video will appear. Play around with the positioning to capture interesting shadows and effects.

5. Consider Using Additional Ring Lights

Adding ring lights to the mix can create appealing effects for your videos. Placing a ring light beside you will illuminate one side more and adding one behind you will add some depth to your video. 

The addition of a simple, inexpensive ring light can make a formidable difference in the quality of your Zoom conferences and professional videos. It is a small investment that is well worth it.

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