7 DIY Videos Your Small Business Needs Today

Videos to make for your small business

Gone are the days when an informative website and a few brochures were all you needed to market your business. Whether you sell products or services online or in person, prospective customers want to be dazzled. People do business with brands that they relate to and trust. Videos are successful at accomplishing this. 

Could Videos Be Your Secret Sauce?

Research shows that the average consumer attention span is less than eight seconds. Are you capturing your audience for the full eight seconds or longer? If not, videos may be the secret sauce. Videos have proven to have the following benefits:

  • Strengthen brand impression
  • Shorten the sales cycles
  • Build trust 
  • Establish your brand as an industry expert

If you haven't invested in videos for your business, it is time. Compel prospective customers to close the sale with different kinds of videos. Producing videos doesn't have to be expensive. With your smart phone and a few tools, you can create persuasive, informative videos quickly and on a budget. 

We recommend the Premium Live Video Bundle for Phones to get started.

DIY Videos To Create For Your Small Business Today

1. Demo Video

Product and service based businesses alike can benefit from a demo video. You are the expert and your customers have questions that can be easily answered with a video. Use a demo video to effectively communicate the following:

  • How it works
  • The value of the product
  • How it will alleviate pain points
  • Differentiating features
  • The entire experience of owning this product or service

The goal is that by the end of the brief demo video, the viewer will discover that the product or service exceeds their expectations and the video's level of excitement will transfer to the prospective customer. 

2. Brand Video

A brand video is the equivalent to walking into the grand entrance of a luxury hotel. Whether you are a little known brand or working to rebrand your business, a brand video allows you to tell your story. A compelling brand video is no longer than two minutes and includes:

  • Employee or client testimonials
  • A personal and meaningful story
  • Explanation of how your brand is unique and special
  • Your values and mission and vision

 After watching your brand video, the viewer should feel like they felt, touched, and connected to your business.

3. Tutorial Videos

Instructional videos that teach components of the product or service that are a bit more technical are important for most businesses. Tutorial videos provide greater detail about how to use the product and how it solves a pain point. Not only do consumers find these videos to be helpful, but they provide opportunity to showcase the product or service in a meaningful way. Showing is typically more helpful than telling.

A great example of how this is executed are the iOgrapher Two Minute Tutorials:


4. Testimonial Videos

Did you know:

  • 85% of consumers read or watch online reviews before making purchase decisions
  • 73% of consumers report that reviews and testimonials improve their trust in a business
  • 72% of consumers believe reviews, even when the review comes from someone they don't personally know

Customer testimonial videos are highly effective and function as social proof for your product or service.

Another type of testimonial video that can benefit your business is an employee testimonial. Consumers love to work with businesses that treat their employees well. Happy employees typically translate to excellent customer service.

5. Promo Videos

If your business is planning an upcoming event, product launch, important new hire, or any noteworthy occasion, a promo video creates an entertaining and engaging way to let people know. Some important components of a strong promo video are:

  • strong storytelling
  • encouraging curiosity
  • strengthening credibility 

Promo videos can be informal and are just as much fun to create as they are to watch.

6. Expert Videos

With so much (mis)information floating around online, it can be challenging to know what to believe. Expert videos are easily accessible for prospective customers and begin building trust without having to speak to anyone. Expert videos satisfy the consumer thirst for information before making a buying decision. Make no mistake, your expert video should not function as an infomercial. Rather, it should build customer confidence by presenting pros and cons and factual information.

7. Community Involvement Videos

If your business is giving back to your community in some way (every business should), a community involvement video is a great way to showcase your philanthropy. Social responsibility is increasingly important to consumers and these videos are a great way to form a common bond and create an emotional response. Additionally, videos that promote positivity are more likely to go viral than traditional marketing videos. 

Creating any of these videos for your business is simple with the Premium Live Video Bundle for Phones.

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