Live Streaming The Local Game

Live Streaming The Local Game

I wanted to share you with you all a wonderful experience I had last night. I was sitting on the couch reading when I remembered that the high school I taught at had a playoff basketball game that night. I had promised myself all season to go as some of the players were the last bunch of students I had taught when I was a teacher there.

I thought what a great time to test out some gear too! So I grabbed my iPhone 8 Plus, my iOgrapher case, an iOgrapher wide angle lens, iOgrapher multi-use tripod and a Rode Video Mic Go. I jumped in the car, went to the stadium, and spoke to some old friends who worked there.

It took me literally 5 minutes to set everything up. I used Switcher Studio to live stream to Facebook. Since I was only able to use my LTE connection, Switcher was great and allowed me to use a medium quality stream (which is still great!) to stream the game live to my friends.


Switcher Studio also has some nifty built-in graphics you can use. I did a lower third card, changed it to the school colors. It took me seconds.



What I would like to impress upon you is that this was all super easy to do and create quality live content. If I had prepared more I would have made more graphics, maybe imported some photos of the guys on the team to have in the stream. Also maybe I would have added a second device to keep on the scoreboard, although the folks at Switcher Studio said a scoreboard is in the pipeline.



For those who don't know Switcher Studio check them out. You can add multiple iOS devices to your content and really produce a great show where live or taped. It's my go-to portable live content app.

Ok, it's your turn to go create some awesome live content! What will you create?

Have a great weekend! Cheers, Dave

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