ASU Innovation Day at Cronkite School of Journalism 2018

ASU Innovation Day at Cronkite School of Journalism 2018

Last year I was invited to speak to a class of students at Arizona State University and also to participate in an event called Innovation Day. I accepted and made my way to Phoenix. What an amazing school the Cronkite School of Journalism is!

When I was invited again this year I asked if we could do a workshop this time with the students. The powers-that-be at ASU thought it was a great idea. I prepared a little challenge asking the students to create a simple video on their iPhone telling us how great the Cronkite School of Journalism was. I showed them how to use the equipment we offered them and we even gave them a full backpack full of goodies to use many of them said it was like Christmas. We showed them how to use Switcher Go, a wonderful app for doing live videos and news segments. Then we sent them off using these awesome devices in their pockets to create videos.

When they came back showing us what they had done they were so excited. it was so easy to create great content using their iPhones many of them said. It was such a wonderful experience! I love showing bright minds the power they hold in their pockets!

Innovation Night was great as well! We have a table and show out wares. Sitting next to two of our friends, RODE Mics and BH Photo, the 4 hours went by in a flash. We met many great students, teachers, and other faculty. I wish other schools did this! I would participate in a flash! (Hint, hint!)

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