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***Due to Covid 19, expect delays with USPS, UPS, and DHL shipping *** Click here to read our COVID 19 Policies ***
Live Streaming the CUE Conference

Live Streaming the CUE Conference


Happy Sunday everyone. I just returned home from the CUE conference. CUE is a terrific edtech organization for schools in California. It's also one of our biggest shows and we get a lot of orders from it each year.

This year CUE asked iOgrapher to live stream the sessions on their facebook page. Doing so would show us using our gear in a practical environment instead of just standing in the booth all day peddling our wares. I was excited at the opportunity so we did it!

The gear we took consisted of 3 iPad Pros, two 9.7 and one 10.5, 3 tripods, 3 Anker batteries, one iPad Pro 12.9, an iRig Pre to plug into the soundboard, and the Google wifi router, that I call the puck.

Now, how to stream Multicam to Facebook? I decided after spending a lot of time with my friends from Switcher Studio recently that this was my go-to app for the show. Switcher Studio enables you to connect multiple iOS devices to a main device or switcher over wifi. You can add graphics on the fly, import video or stills, and monitor Facebook comments. Once it is set up it is very easy to use, something I constantly dazzled teachers with the time we were there.

The room was rather large and in the future, I plan on investing in a few more Google WIFI pucks to create a bigger net but it actually worked just fine this time

What is nice about using Switcher Studio is that it streams the feed but also can record a higher resolution file to each iOS device and compile it after the stream had ended for a completely edited video with all the cuts you did. Also if needed I can export it into Final Cut Pro to edit it even more if I wanted. Very cool tech here.

If using the Director mode as described above make sure you have plenty of room on your device. For best practices, and time permitting, you can use a laptop to grab all the files from the angles then upload them to the main switcher iOS device to compile the edited high-resolution master file, otherwise, it uses wifi to transfer all the files from the devices to the main device. This can sometimes take a long time depending on the length of your show.

I have really narrowed down my go to live streaming apps finally. There are so many out there and I have tried them all. Literally. When I am home I love using Wirecast Pro on my new iMac Pro. It is super powerful, I can bring on guests on the fly, and it has all the bells and whistles for any production needs.

But..on the road, the go-to is Switcher Studio. It's super easy to set up and get going. It is reliable too. The only hurdle is the internet connection. I highly recommend using a wired connection to the Google wifi. If you only have wifi then you may need to do a speed test or even shoot it in director mode and lower the live stream to 540p. Watchers will still get a good feed and great audio. Later you can upload the master for a higher resolution experience.

Time to take a break. Wishing you all the best and asking you to create!

Cheers, Dave


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Charles - June 24, 2018

Hey Dave. I have serious interest in learning more about this method. What’s the best way to contact you?

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