Testing the iOgrapher Wide Angle and Macro Lens at Joshua Tree

Testing the iOgrapher Wide Angle and Macro Lens at Joshua Tree

I love when my amazing employees get creative! Case in point, Stephanie, our Director of Marketing. She recently went to Joshua Tree with her boyfriend and friends. She soaked it all in. If you haven't been to Joshua Tree, try to. It's gorgeous.

Stephanie then decided to pull out the iOgrapher for iPhone 6/7/8, and shot a wonderful tutorial/demo on using the wide angle lens and the macro lens that is part of it. She had all this beauty in front of her so why not use it to showcase a product.

This is what we created the iOgrapher for. You have this amazing content creation tool in your pocket called an iPhone. If you own a business, why not think outside of the box for ideas to enhance your content? Maybe you own a restaurant and want to engage people to visit. So, you go to a farm or your garden and show us herbs you use in certain dishes and explain why. Also how we can grow our own herbs too!

Sometimes we need to share ideas with others to get our creative minds going. In fact, if you need help, we created a new Facebook group called: Create Better Video! Join us, as we create a community to help brainstorm, create, and be successful.

That's all for now! Time to enjoy the Southern California sun!


Cheers, Dave

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