How to Start a Vlog as a Money Making Side Hustle

Fitness Vlogger Using iOgrapher Filmmaking Case

Do you want to start a vlog and become a money making vlogger, but have no idea how to start? Although there are still plenty of skeptics who don't believe that it is possible to make money online, thousands of people are earning a living with vlogging and you can, too. 

The iOgrapher step-by-step guide is the only resource you need to start a vlog today. This guide outlines everything you need to know from equipment, content ideas, YouTube, and subscribers. So, let's get started.

Step 1. Select a Vlog Niche

Selecting a vlog niche is a delicate balance of your strengths and interests and what people search. If you are an expert clogger, but only 3 people each month are searching for clogging videos, you will struggle to build a business. Make a list of your areas of interest and topics of expertise. Do some online searches and keyword research to figure out if your videos can solve a problem for your audience. Do you offer something that is different from what is already being offered?

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Beauty and Makeup
  • Gaming
  • Gourmet Food
  • Fitness
  • Side Hustles & Making Money
  • Travel
  • Tech Reviews
  • "How To" Videos
  • Movie Reviews

Once you have decided on the perfect vlog niche, move on to Step 2.

Step 2. Create a YouTube Channel

Head over to to create your YouTube vlogging channel. It is free to create a channel. Brand it with a custom header and logo. Don't forget to add a well written description with keywords so that your channel is discoverable.

Step 3. Invest in the Right Vlogging Equipment

Serious vloggers who want to make money produce high quality videos. You may be surprised to learn that you can easily turn your smart phone or tablet into a vlogging filmmaking camera. There is no need to purchase an expensive vlogging camera. An iOgrapher Vlogging Bundle has everything you need to get started:

  • iPad Vlogging Bundle. The iPad bundle includes the iOgrpaher filmmaking case, wide angle lens, 2x telephoto lens, mic lav, tripod, mini ring light, and backpack carrying case.
  • iPhone Vlogging Bundle. Turn your iPhone into a professional video creator with this bundle, which includes an iPhone iOgrapher case, multi use tripod, flexible mini tripod, mobile interface, mic lav, mini shotgun microphone, mini ring light, and backpack carrying case.
  • Android Vlogging Bundle. If you use Android devices, this bundle includes the iOgrapher filmmaking multi-case, mini tripod, multi use tripod, mic lav, mobile interface, mini shotgun microphone, mini ring light, and backpack carrying case.

For less than $400, you will have everything you need to launch your vlog and product professional quality videos quickly and easily. 

Step 4. Prepare to Shoot

The first video you shoot should be an introduction video. Tell your audience who you are and what your mission is. What are your qualifications and why should they follow you? Get creative. Have a plan ready, either written or in your head, before you start to record. 

If you have trouble preparing your first video, find inspiration from other vloggers. Before too long, you will breeze through a shoot naturally.

Step 5. Time to Film a Vlog

Now that you have a plan, have your equipment set up, and you've prepared for your vlog shoot, it is time to start recording. 

Relax and have fun. Although it is necessary to put together a plan, don't over rehearse. Your personality is your brand, so let it shine through.

Test your audio and lighting. If you purchased an iOgrapher vlogging bundle and set up your equipment according to specifications, you should be good to go. Speak clearly and a bit more slowly than you would in face to face conversation. 

Be engaging. Vlogging is more personal than blogging because it allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level. Hosting live videos allows you to interact and respond to audience questions immediately. Incorporate your audiences' opinions and questions and allow them to feel like part of the show. 

Create a signature. Whether it is a catch phrase or a specific segment, create something unique and allow it to become your signature. It is a hectic vlogging world out there and you need a differentiator. 

Don't forget to create a jazzy intro and outro that can be used on each vlog post.

Step 6. Time to Edit Your Vlog

You have successfully recorded your vlog and now it is time for some editing. Several free video editing platforms can help with this. Here are a few of our favorites:

iMovie. Comes free with all iOS devices and is very user friendly.

Adobe Premier Clip. This cool platform has a feature that will auto create a video based on your clips. It is also free.

Luma Fusion. A bit more advanced, this platform allows for layering and other powerful features.

FilmoraGo. Most of the features of this powerful editing app are free. It allows you to cut to meet the recommended social media size and share directly.

 VideoShow. An award winning app with a user friendly interface, VideoShow has more than 50 themes and a number of aesthetics features.

Your vlog can range in length, but try not to exceed 20 minutes. Once your editing is complete, export your video and prepare to publish. If you are using YouTube, check out the recommended video settings before you export. 

Step 7. Export Your Vlog

Whether you use YouTube or another platform, it is time to get your vlog published. Most platforms allow you to drag your video file into the upload box. Carefully write your video title, keeping SEO in mind. Keep the title under 50 characters and include a searchable keyword. Select a thumbnail for the vlog and write your video description. Your description is very important. It not only tells your audience about the content of the video, it also should contain keywords that will allow it to be discovered in search. Take time to write a 300-500 word description that will help YouTube understand what it is about and index it in search. 

Step 8. Promote Your Vlog

Once you have a few videos uploaded, it is time to promote your vlog. Here are a few ways to promote:

Create Partnerships

Are there other influencers, vloggers, or bloggers that have already captured your ideal target audience but aren't in direct competition with you? Reach out to others in your niche community and ask to collaborate in a cross promotion.

Share on Social Media

Work to create targeted audiences on social media and create social media posts for your videos. Use a social media schedule to make this easier.

Build a Targeted Audience

Grow your email list, start a Facebook group, grow your Instagram followers, or promote on Pinterest. Work hard to have a wide reach to get the most views of your videos. 

Step 9. Monetize

Like any job or side hustle, if you want to make money, you have to set a structured schedule and dedicate time to your vlog. It is important to maintain a consistent content publication schedule so that your viewers know what to expect. 

Once your subscriber base grows and you are consistently recording and publishing videos, apply to the YouTube Partnership Program and start getting paid for views.

Other ways to monetize your vlog are:

  • Create affiliate partnerships with brands and products and promote them.
  • Create a sponsorship kit and partner with brands for product reviews or plugs.
  • Grow your email list and monetize it with affiliate links.

Starting and growing a successful vlog takes planning and hard work and doesn't happen over night. Follow these steps for the best possible success to start a vlog as a money making side hustle.

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