7 Trending YouTube Video Challenges in 2019

iOgrapher Challenge Videos

Challenge videos are wildly popular and so much fun. If you have a YouTube channel, creating your own challenge videos is a great way to cash in on some extra traffic to your channel. With a few great ideas and the right equipment, challenge videos are quick and simple to shoot.

Are you interesting in publishing some challenge videos? Here are 7 trending challenge ideas to try today.

1. Chubby Bunny Video Challenge

This hilarious food challenge involves putting "chubby bunny" marshmallows in your mouth one at a time while saying "Chubby Bunny." The goal is to see how many marshmallows you can shove in your mouth while maintaining the ability to say "Chubby Bunny" coherently. It is silly, illogical, and absolutely hilarious. 

2. Eat It Or Wear It

A popular challenge for kids, Eat It Or Wear It is exactly as it sounds. Random food items are placed in non-clear bags. Take turns with participants picking a bag and then either eating what is inside, or wearing it. It gets messy and the person who wears the fewest food items by the end is the winner. 

3. Ghost Pepper Challenge

This challenge has an astronomical number of views. For some reason, people love watching other people eating one of the hottest peppers on earth, according to the Scoville scale, and then suffering the consequences. The videos are a crazy brand of amusing. Participating in this challenge takes a serious level of commitment to entertainment and is not for the faint of heart. As one participant describes it, "It's like I have bitten the tow of Satan."

4. Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Unlike the Ghost Pepper Challenge, this one is family friendly. The goal of this challenge is to watch funny videos without laughing or even cracking a smile. Two participants go back and forth showing each other videos until one of them can't take the funny anymore. 

5. Internet Slang Challenge

Another fun, family friendly challenge, the Internet Slang Challenge is a quiz where one person asks the participants the meanings of internet words. The words are typically from Urban Dictionary or are common online abbreviations. The player with the most correct answers wins. The challenge is hysterical to watch as the participants make up answers along the way. 

6. The Whisper Challenge

The results of this challenge are belly laugh funny. One person wears noise cancelling headphones and the other person says a sentence. The person with the headphones must lip read and say the sentence back. If you have ever seen Bad Lip Reading, this is the home version with results that are just as funny. 

7. Going to the Worst Rated Place Challenge

In this challenge, participants head to Yelp and Google Maps to find the worst possible reviews for restaurants, hotels, massage salons, or any other place. Then, they visit the place, while video recording their experiences, to evaluate whether the place is as bad as the reviews claim. This challenge can get interesting quickly. 

Now that you have some wild challenge video ideas, are you ready to create your own challenge video? It is easy to make with any of your smart devices and an iOgrapher filmmaking case. The more professional the video, the more YouTube views it will have. Let us know in the comments the best or most wild challenge video you have created. 

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