How to Film 12 Months of Video Content in 2 Weeks

Film a Year of Content in 2 Weeks

Whether you are a blogger, an ecommerce owner, or are working hard on your business branding, creating fresh video content is essential in today's digital climate. And if you are like the rest of us, you likely struggle with organizing and creating video content in advance. 

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Step One: Brainstorming

You really can't wing it with video content and expect it to be convincing or effective. This is why planning is so important. Start brainstorming topics in Trello. Think about what you have learned that your audience will benefit from, what features about your brand, business, products, blog are standing out from the crowd and focus on those. The goal is to have about 70 ideas in Trello by the end of a 2 hour brainstorming session. 

Step Two: Organizing

if you already use an editorial calendar, create a schedule for your video content. If not, I recommend using Asana. Create the post on your editorial calendar and then add detailed info about everything that is to be included. From here you can format each video and accompanying content. This is where you will have your initial talking points, as well.

Step Three: Begin Filming

Schedule a two week block for filming. Wake up, comb your hair and start filming. Do this every day until you have 52 videos filmed. Take advantage of perfect natural light by filming in the morning. If you plan to script your videos, add the script into your editorial calendar. I personally prefer unscripted videos guided by talking points. Unscripted video allows your personality to come through, which is a benefit in brand and blogger videos. 

Create professional quality videos on a budget with the Vlogging Bundle.

Step Four: Editing

If your videos took two weeks to film, expect them to take two weeks to edit. Add the intro and outro, special effects and anything else to improve upon them. 

There you have it- a year's worth of video content in a month. Feel free to go on vacation, get sick, or take a week off for no reason. Your content is already created so the show will go on without you.

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