Favorite Video Editing Apps for iOS

Favorite Video Editing Apps for iOS

Greetings, I'm Dave Basulto, CEO of iOgrapher, and these are some of my favorite apps.

First up is iMovie. iMovie is free, it comes with all iOS devices. It's super simple to use, it's what I highly recommend people just getting into shooting videos with iOS devices and want to edit, go into iMovie first because it is the easiest of all of them to use.

You can get really creative in iMovie, it's fun to use, really simple and just to edit little clips all you have to do is click on a clip that you want, drag the yellow part left and right and it'll cut your clips for you.

So, it's simple to use, I highly recommend checking it out, iMovie for iOS.

Next up is Adobe Premier Clip. What I love about Adobe Premier Clip is that you can import videos, and then just click on automatic, it'll create a whole video for you based on all your clips!  If you want to get more into it you can click on free-form that will let you manually edit just like you would in iMovie, trimming left and right on the little corners. Then you can save all these clips up to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Once you're in there you can go into a powerful editing system on your desktop, Premiere Pro, which is awesome.

Adobe Premiere Clip, check it out, it's free and you just have to create an Adobe Creative Cloud membership account in the app. So, check it out now.

Next, let's take a look at Luma Fusion. Luma Fusion is an editing app and it is really powerful, what I love about this app is that if you really want to start getting into nonlinear editing it's got some great options because it's layer based. You can add multiple layers of videos or pictures or images. You can have a couple of layers of audio. So now you can start layering things on top of each other and making cool videos. It's got some really powerful features, if you want to get more involved, check it out, Luma Touch, Luma Fusion, and they have some great tutorials on their website.

Last, but certainly not least, is KineMaster, now KineMaster is an app that I've been diving into since I first saw it at a trade show in Amsterdam, a few years ago, and since then they've just been gangbusters creating more and more features for it. What's awesome about it is that you can, once again, bring in different layers if you want to add layers to your project. You can do chroma key stuff, green screen, they have a new asset store here where if you want to bring in music, or effects and fonts and all kinds of things and they have so many options and like I said, multiple layers is easy to use.

Check out KineMaster, it is the go-to app for editing, in my opinion, once you master this you'll be able to create anything you want.

I'm Dave Basulto, these are the best editing apps out there, check them out now, we'll see you soon.

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