Favorite Camera Apps for Video

Favorite Camera Apps for Video

Greetings. I'm Dave Basulto, CEO of iOgrapher, and these are some of my favorite apps!

Apple devices come with the camera app installed. It's a really simple tool, all you have to do is open it up, press the start button, and start recording. One thing to make sure is to double-click in the center so that you can lock the focus so that you won't have pulsing videos as it keeps looking to autofocus everything. But, the camera app is a solid app, and it's definitely something you can be creative with.

Next up is the Filmakr app. The Filmakr app is a really creative app to use as a camera. It's very customizable. It's got different looks that you can go on the fly. So you can switch from a blank canvas to something like this punctum, and now all of the sudden you've got this whole new image, your adding just a whole different look to your video. You can do this on the fly, and you can switch over back and forth to different looks. It just really is a fun creative tool. Here we are on a grayscale type of look. I also love that you can use an external microphone. So you can use all kinds of microphones.

My all-time favorite, of course, is FilmicPro. It's my go-to app. I've used it for years. They keep making it better and better. You can even simulate the rack of focus. It has so many different tools and options inside. This is the app you want to learn to get better and better at making videos.

Thanks for watching. I'm Dave Basulto, and we'll have more of my favorite apps coming soon.

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