7 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional

Make Professional Videos

Creating polished, professional video is completely within reach with a few tips from the pros. Follow these pointers to make high quality video without spending a fortune on equipment. 

1. Take Advantage of Light

When you think of why most amateur videos are ineffective, one of the most common reasons is that they are too dark. Focus on proper lighting as a priority during filming.

2. Pay Attention to Your Background

We have all seen those videos where we can't pay attention because of the distracting background. Messy backgrounds or distracting movements is a sure sign of an amateur video. If you can't stage the perfect background, use a solid color background like a sheet or paper backdrop.

3. Deliver Clear Audio

Most people are willing to tolerate a grainy video but if they have to strain to hear what you are saying, they will click that X and be gone. Investing in a good mic is a priority if you want your message to be received. Place the mic as close to the subject as possible and use a pop filter to reduce crackles.

4. Be Still

Unless you are going for the 1990s home video look, shaky footage is unprofessional and will detract from your intended message. Place your camera on a tripod or steady surface and do not move unless you have to. 

5. Respect the Rule of Thirds

Basic film composition teaches the rule of thirds. Picture your screen and imagine placing a 3 by 3 grid over it. When shooting a subject, position them along the grid lines, rather than in the middle of the shot. The rule is based on science about how our eyes track screens and where our strong areas of focus lie.

6. Plan Videos In Advance

A lack of planning is a sure sign of an amateur. Start your planning by clarifying your purpose for shooting the video and the message you want to communicate. It may help to storyboard and write a loose script. 

7. Shoot From Various Angles

Cutting from one angle to another is a great way to add depth to your video and make it more interesting. Product demo videos, tutorials, and videos that are more than simply dialogue are improved when they are shot from different angles. Vary angles by at least 45 degrees for a more professional final product. Shoot some B-roll footage so that you can add it, if needed, during editing. 

However you plan to use your videos, the more professional looking, the better. Anyone can film a professional looking video with some basic techniques. What tricks do you use to make your videos look more professional? We would love to hear about what you do in the comments.


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