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Pre Order the new iOgrapher Multi Pro Case for iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Air 4th Gen - Click Here
Pre Order the new iOgrapher Multi Pro Case for iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Air 4th Gen - Click Here
This is what drives me everyday!

This is what drives me everyday!

Everyday I get up and work like a fiend on this growing company. Everyday there is some new surprise, whether its getting an email from Manchester United inquiring about our gear or an ad firm in NYC excited to use our products for a shoot. But what thrills me the most is hearing from schools. 

Recently, there was a Wall Street Journal article about a teacher at a school in New Rochelle, NY who empowered his students to use their iOS devices to tell stories. Mr Stirpe, the awesome teacher, uses what resources he has to get his students the proper equipment to take iOS filmmaking to the next level. Due to limited budgets he of course has to take baby steps each term. 

This article was so motivating to me. As most know I invented the iOgrapher specifically to help my students create better videos in the classroom. I immediately called my Sales Manager Amelia Neverman and said "find this school and this teacher! We need to set him up with gear!"

Amelia being ever so amazing found him and emails began flowing. We sent him iOgrapher cases and lenses. I introduced him to Rode Microphones who also sent them some awesome audio gear too! The amazing students sent both Rode and iOgrapher videos about their excitement. I even got one from a student who said our product helped her with a difficult shot she had. See below!



That absolutely made my day. That, my friends, is why I do what I do everyday. I want to empower young minds to be creative and to create. We need more storytellers, more filmmakers, more documentarians, more journalists. Clearly Mr Stirpe sees that too and is creating them in his classroom everyday! Way to go sir! Cheers!

Dave Basulto

CEO, iOgrapher



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Dave Case - April 13, 2016

You should check out the weekly news video we make at Hood River Valley High in Hood River, Oregon. It’s done primarily with Ipads in Iographer cases, with Iographer lenses, and Rode or Irig mics:

Your gear is great.

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