How to keep your videos from going in and out of focus (pulsing)

Recently we received a review. The review stated that our cases were great but that the lenses make the video "pulse" or go in and out of focus. This made the customer displeased as his videos he worked hard to shoot were looking unprofessional. It is not the lens fault however.

I realized it is my fault for not teaching iOgrapher users why this happens and what to do. It's very simple to fix but if you dont understand why it does that when you film, you are not alone. Yours truly had the same problem 4 years ago!

I was at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, filming videos for some publications I did that for. I was so proud to be the only one on the floor using an iPad to do this. This was before the iOgrapher was born even! I had a handheld mic connected and a light in my off hand and went to work filming interviews. And boy did I get some great interviews!

The problem was when I returned to edit I noticed a "pulsing" movement in the videos. The camera was going in and out of subjects. Arggg!!! All that time and now this happens. I pulled my hair out and salvaged them by using the audio and some broll clips and stills. Not the greatest save but it worked.

I dont want this to ever happen to any of you so here is the fix: LOCK FOCUS. Seems easy and something you should know right? The problem is we are so used to pulling our devices out of our bags or pockets and we just start to shoot. Take a few moments and lock the focus. It will help tremendously. 

Here is a video tutorial to help you understand. Enjoy!




  • Alan Rowoth

    Doesn’t work in Facebook live. So annoying

  • Terrick Jones

    Hey I use wirecast go is there any lock focus function available for the app thanks

  • Andy

    I’m having this problem – so this problem is due to the ipad case?

  • Tiffany

    Thank you so much for this info!

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