How about we inspire our kids to be creative?

How about we inspire our kids to be creative?

I just came home from three days of being surrounded by a group of amazing people. I attended and exhibited my ware at the annual CUE Conference in Palm Springs. The CUE Conference brings educators from all over California, other states and even other countries together three information packs days.

As teacher after teacher would come by and let me know how they are using the iOgrapher in their classrooms and in their workflows I stood there humbled. I kept thinking this is exactly why I invented this device. They were  empowering themselves and their students with tools to create great content. The daily news, living book reports, Sports filming, the school play, the list went on and on. These people really get it.

The reason I chose this topic for today's blog was a recent Instagram post I did. While at the CUE conference I posted a photo of our new product iOgrapher GO. It was all decked out with an awesome GoPro Hero 4 that had a BackBone Adapter and a Canon 50 millimeter lens attached, a RODE Video Mic GO, and a tripod. I also had a Samsung Galaxy 6 phone attached to use as a viewfinder via the Go Pro App. Needless to say convention attendees fell in love with the work flow instantly as many of them had Go Pros themselves.

And then one lovely gentleman decided to post on my Instagram “ God I hope I never have to film with that crap” . Being made of Teflon usually I would have let that just go by however this individual was a second unit director of some really big Hollywood movies. And this really bothered me.

Was he saying that this was just horrible because he was able to use multi million-dollar budgets to get all the tools and toys he could possibly want for his pictures?  Does he not remember what it was like in film school? He could have taken that moment to inspire yet he decided to take away from the picture. This was below his standards after all he was a big Hollywood second unit director.

And just when I was  about to lose faith I found a great article by Mark Duplass  'There's no excuse not to make films on weekends with friends. It was a wonderfully, inspiring article by a filmmaker who incidentally does bigger movies as well. His point was to get out there and be creative with whatever tools you have in your pocket literally. From iPads to iPhones to Go Pros we all have the ability to get an affordable tools to create engaging stories.

I also recently read a great story of one of my favorite actresses, Olivia Wilde , who stars in big budget movies and is just incredibly beautiful. She recently shot a music video with iPhones. Unfortunately it wasn't with the iOgrapher but I'll keep thinking she just didn't know about our products. Here is someone who probably could have gotten all the big toys that the studios used but decided to shoot it on SIMPLE devices to tell a story that turned out amazingly fantastic and cut the budget down. She is just a rockstar.

What I really want to assert here is  let's all agree to inspire each other. To go out and tell stories just like the cavemen did using charcoal on the wall. They told stories with the simple tools they had but they were good stories and the captivated an audience. Let's not get caught up on who's shooting 4K (although the iPhone 6S Plus shoots 4K now!) and who's not and who has an Arri Alexa camera and who has a junky old iPad..

Let's inspire this young generation to become great storytellers with tools they carry with them. After all most of them are watching content on those tools through venues such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, so on. And I assure you they don't care of it was shot in 4k or not they simply want to be entertained.

Wishing you a fantastic week.

Dave, CEO iOgrapher.

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