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Switcher Studio Basic Live Bundle

  • iOgrapher Flexible Mini Tripod
  • iOgrapher Mini Ring Light II
  • LavMobile lavalier microphone for mobile devices

The iOgrapher Starter Live  Bundle is the go-to setup for those new to live streaming. It includes everything you need to get going except the phone and the app of choice! The Flexible tripod allows for placement in any situation. Our best selling Mini Ring Light provides 3 levels of brightness (and can also be clipped onto your laptop if need be!). The iOgrapher LavMobile is a solid lapel microphone to get great audio. Start streaming today!


  • iOgrapher Flexible Tripod
  • iOgrapher Mini Ring Light
  • iOgrapher LavMobile

***Note: This does not include a phone. Also, some users may only have lightning jack input on their devices. You can use your audio adapter that the phone came with to plug the microphone into. If you need one, here is the link - CLICK ME ***