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We wish all the Dads and Grads a wonderful summer!
We wish all the Dads and Grads a wonderful summer!

MOZA Slypod E Camera Slider Monopod


The Moza Slypod E is perfect for any creative shots such as horizontal sliding with ultra-smooth movement, jib shot with a large payload, and overhead shot with ease. The Slypod E can also be used as a monopod and a camera jib arm, which helps you to explore every creative perspective of the world.

You can easily program precise camera and mobile device movements by adjusting the travel distance, speed, and acceleration via the MOZA Master App.

MOZA Slypod E Motion Slider is equipped with a ‘CAN Bus’ that allows integration with up to five MOZA products. Now featuring multi-axis, robotic camera movements controlled by the MOZA Master App, even more, cinematic angles can be created.


Motor Type: Ultra-high power density geared motor

Slypod Weight: 1244g

Payload Range Vertical Load: 9kg Horizontal Load: 4kg

Storage Length 585mm(grip excluded); Expanded Length 996mm; Max Diameter 54mm

Camera Travel:280mm/11in

Max Diameter:54mm/2in

Speed Minimum:0.15mm/s (0.0059in/s); Maximum:28mm/s (1.10in/s)

Battery Life: 2 hours

Charging Port: Type-C USB; Voltage: 5V 2A; Time: 90min