iOgrapher on Mobile Reviews

iOgrapher on Mobile Reviews
iOgrapher iPhone 6 Plus Review – Turn your smartphone into a movie making machine

Today we’re going to do a review of the iOgrapher for the iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus. This is an iPhone accessory that will turn your smartphone into a full-blown video recording platform.

The iOgrapher is a case for your iPhone that comes with multiple attachment points for tripods, lights, and microphones. With this entire setup, you could easily replace your DSLR with an iPhone. We’ve been using the iOgrapher as the primary camera for our reviews for the last while, and we’re quite impressed.

Even if you’re a not serious videographer, using the iOgrapher will also help in your everyday photography if you’re willing to carry it around. We will elaborate in a couple of minutes.

For our iOgrapher iPhone 6 Plus review, we’ve given this iPhone accessory a score of 5 Eh’s out of 5. We’ve given this case such a high score because there isn’t anything else out there like the iOgrapher for the iPhone 6 Plus. There are iPhone camera cases like the HitCase Snap and Optrix XD6, but none of them offer the flexibility that the iOGrapher does. You can get your iOgrapher from BesbBuy (US) for $99!


Design – How many things can you add to the iOgrapher?

iOgrapher iPhone 6 Plus Review - Fully Loaded

The iOgrapher isn’t complicated in terms of design. It’s a hardened plastic case that your iPhone clips into. Installation and removal of your iPhone is simple, but we will note that full edge-to-edge screen protectors, like this IMOS 3D, may not play well with the accessory. We’d stick to screen protectors that cover only the touchable area.

The iOgrapher comes with two cold shoe attachment points that allow you to attach whatever light and mic system that you want. There is also two 1/4 inch thread holes so that you can mount it on whatever tripod, Joby Gorillapod or monopod. We will note that the entire setup, with a lens, will make your iPhone a little too heavy to use with certain Joby accessories.

There are several handles on the iOgrapher while allows you to hold your iPhone in whatever position you want easily. We will elaborate on the handles in the functionality section below.

iOgrapher iPhone 6 Plus Review - Filmmaking Machine

The lenses on the case are attached via a 37mm lens thread. iOgrapher has two lenses that are compatible with the case that include a macro and 2x telephoto lens. From our perspective, these lenses are meant more for video capture rather than photography as the edges of the lenses are visible in photographs. Zooming in slightly will remove the edges, but you will lose a bit of image quality with the iPhone’s digital zoom. Setting your iPhone to video mode will remove the edges of the lens from the

One of the things you have to watch out for with the lens attachment system is dust. There is a chance for dust to collect when the iPhone isn’t in the accessory and a lens is attached. We found that dust on inner lens had a greater effect on the quality of the photograph/video so keep your lens cleaner close.

Protection – The iPhone will be fine but how about everything else?

When it comes to protection, your iPhone is going to be fine during an accidental drop because there’s so much space and plastic around the iPhone that it’s going to be fine during an accidental drop.

Our only concern with the iOgrapher revolves around the stability of the case when everything is loaded onto the case (mics and lights). The iOgrapher doesn’t seem as stable as our DSLR setups though we haven’t had an issue with it. The case is quite rigid but with a full load of lights and mics, the tiny amount of flex can be a bit unnerving.

Functionality – Get more out of your iPhone. A lot more.

iOgrapher iPhone 6 Plus Review - Macro Lens

We REALLY enjoy the functionality that the iOgrapher brings to our iPhones. We were a little skeptical at first because of it’s awkward shape but after shooting several videos with it, we can’t imagine doing another video without it.

We do have to add that we are not suggesting that this becomes a day-to-day case because it’s not feasible due to its size. However, the iOgrapher is worth getting if you are planning on doing a bunch of videos for school, if you’re a business looking to shoot better video or if you spend a lot of time creating social media content.

When it comes to video, the quality of your audio is incredibly important so being able to use an external mic with your iPhone is going to make your videos that much better. You can have the worst video quality in the world, but people will keep watching as long as the audio is decent.

The handles on the accessory will reduce hand strain as you’re not always fighting to hold a curved, slippery device in your hand. Shooting in portrait mode frees up one hand as you’re able to hold the iPhone safely and steadily while being able to press the volume buttons at the same time. This portrait handling is going to be very useful for people who like Periscoping stuff. The handles also allow you to take a great photo of Monty with one hand while using the other hand to grab his attention.

iOgrapher iPhone 6 Plus Review - Functionality

Another added benefit of the handles is the added stability when you are capturing moving shots. Having both hands on the device makes the footage capture that much better and with the iPhone 6s Plus’s OIS, it’s going to look almost as good as something captured with a GlideCam.

The last thing we’ll mention about the functionality of the iPhone inside the iOgrapher revolves around cables. Plugging in a lightning cable or mic cable will be a little more difficult as you have to bend the cable slightly to as the handles on the case get in the way.



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