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Live Video Workflows

Live Video Workflows

If we haven’t stressed it enough already, going live can be incredibly useful and easy to accomplish. Dave Basulto says, “the beauty of live video is everyone can do it, and the horror is that everyone can do it.” While easy to accomplish, live video requires the proper preparation to really be successful. Here are some tips and questions to keep in mind while setting up your live show!

1. Find a topic to share and discuss

This may seem like the easiest step, but it can often be overlooked! Be sure to think about topics your followers want and need to see. What do they not know, but they should know? What are topics that are best explained through video rather than a blog post? 

2. Think: What questions would my viewers have? 
Remember the whole key to live video is that it’s interactive, so it’s especially important to keep your audience in mind at all times. By thinking of potential questions ahead of time, you can set up a video that is more likely to have your viewers engaged and asking for more. 

3. Use Switcher Studio or Wirecast
This is to give your audience different angles and other shots, so they can get a better and clearer experience. You can easily show them a shot of a product you're talking about, or a on the field interview, the options are endless! Having multiple shots in a live video also gives your video a professional edge, and will allow you to standout. 

4. Use your logo or brand name
This is an easy add on to give your video a more professional appearance. It's also important to provide a visual icon for what your brand is, and it makes it easy for new viewers to immediately recognize what you represent. 

5. Choose your broadcasting platform

Facebook Live? Youtube Live? Periscope? Once again, think of your audience. Where are your followers most likely to spend their time interacting and watching you? Where are they going to want to take the time to engage?

For more in depth tips on which platform is best for you, be sure to read our CEO Dave Basulto's book, Life Camera Action.

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