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Back to School: Apps for Education

Back to School: Apps for Education

The iOgrapher was born in a classroom, and a classroom is one of the places where the iOgrapher continues to thrive. Almost every student has had experience with a smartphone, so why not take that existing knowledge and use it for education. It becomes a hands on and effective way of teaching, only needed a few pieces of equipment. 

With hundreds of apps out there, using smartphones and iPads in the classroom is a great solution for tight school budgets. The majority of apps and filming programs are online based so the workflow becomes faster. A student can share a project with their teacher and classmates almost instantly, allowing a teacher to send feedback just as fast. 

Whether the iOgrapher is being used in journalism, animation, videography, sports, or theater, there are apps and solutions for every class. Since the fall is right around the corner, we've put together a few of our favorite apps for education.

   Green Screen by Do Ink. $2.99

This is a simple and user friendly app, that allows students to create videos and then insert various backgrounds later on. All you have to do is film in front of a green screen, or any solid color, and insert your desired photos as a background. This also connects to Google Drive and Dropbox, making it easy to share student projects. The most popular projects have been “living book reports”, where students recite a book report with relating images as the background. 

   iStopMotion for iPad by Boinx Software $9.99

This app teaches the art of stop motion animation. It is extremely user friendly, and we've seen students of all ages use it, even kindergarteners!

  Teleprompter+ 3 by Bombing Brain $19.99

Perfect for broadcast journalism and presentations of all kinds, this app turns your mobile device into an easy to use teleprompter. The app also allows you to record video while displaying prompts, making it easy to record a show without the need of extra hands!


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For more suggestions and an more in depth description of the apps above… checkout our CEO Dave Basulto's book Life Camera Action, a collection of the best advice for mobile filmmakers!

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