How we went live on! And what mistakes we did!

How we went live on! And what mistakes we did!

If you are an entrepreneur like me, just became your best friend. The retail giant just launched, a way for brands selling on Amazon to get in front of millions of eyeballs by going live on the platform. To use it you have to be able to sell on Amazon, whether you are self-fulfilled or amazon fba. Amazon fba means “fulfilled by Amazon”. Another caveat is you have to be part of the Amazon brand registry program.

What is brand registry? If you are a brand already selling on Amazon and do not use the Amazon brand registry, I highly recommend signing up. We have been able to stop fake sellers, stop some competitors from using our name in their titles and more. To be approved for Amazon brand registry you have to have:

1. An active registered trademark for your brand that appears on your products or packaging.

2.The ability to verify yourself as the rights owner or the authorized agent for the trademark.

3.An Amazon account. You can use an existing Amazon account (credentials associated with Vendor or Seller Central) or create a new one for free

For more info check here 

Once you are approved to amazon brand registry, apply to the program. They provide an app that you sign into with your seller account credentials and you are ready to live stream to millions. The app enables you to use your phone (or iPad) to stream. You can schedule the time, add a thumbnail and start selling on Amazon to your live audience, even chat with viewers.

But why not take it further?  The Amazon Live app gives you the option to go live right from your device OR use an encoder. That thrilled me! That opened the door for our favorite live streaming app Switcher Studio. Now we could do a multi-camera stream, add photos, videos, logos etc to our experience. Now we can do a full-fledged QVC type of show.

Also, I decided to have a 20% off code for viewers. You can create those by going into Amazon seller account and then advertising > promotions > social media promo code.

Now my first show didn’t go as planned. This was all Wild West for me. I didn’t take the time to read all the rules and regulations connected to this opportunity. 18 minutes into my first ever show, Amazon stopped my stream mid-sentence. At first, I thought it was our internet connection or the app I was using but on my amazon live app, I received a message that the stream violated the policies. Hmm… what did I do wrong?

I made the mistake of assuming going live on Amazon was like going live on facebook or youtube. You just click and go live. Say anything etc. Nope.

I spent the next hour dissecting the stream and came to some conclusions. 1. I mentioned several other brands that we work with in terms of accessories. 2. I mentioned that Steven Spielberg, Ariana Grande, and the US Bobsled Team all used our products., 3. I said "if you don’t see these accessories like a Rode Video Micro mic, check out our website"

I reached out to the Amazon Live team and haven’t heard back yet. But… I decided I would try once more. This time I stayed on brand. Explaining our products, how they were invented and what you could do with them. This time it went smoothly without a hitch. I did a 14-minute show, and had over 18,000 views! This was certainly a huge learning experience.

I have had people ask about my set up so here is:

I used 4 devices for the stream. Once iPad for my wide shot, one iPhone 8+ for my overhead shot, one iPhone SE for my side closeup shot. All in iOgrapher cases on tripods. All connected to my iPad Pro 12.9 into the Switcher Studio app. Connected via wifi.  I had one Kinoflo Diva light for the main light, one light overhead, 2 led ring lights. The audio was the ikmultimedia irig lav mic. 

Links: (Full disclosure - some links are affiliate links)

Led Ring Light 

KinoFlo Diva Light 

iOgrapher Multi Case

iOgrapher for iPad 9.7

iRig Mic Lav 

Moment Lens case for iPhone 8+ 

Moment Lens Wide Angle Lens 

Google Wifi 

For Apple devices check out Apple Refurbished and save $$ 

Switcher Studio app  

Did you watch the video until it ended? I show you the setup!

Are you a brand wanting help getting set up? Contact us sales AT iographer DOT com

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