California Student Media Festival

Multicam workflow with iOgrapher and Wirecast!

Multicam workflow with iOgrapher and Wirecast!

Today I had the privilege to stream the 50th annual California Student Media Festival. The festival has been one I knew about for years as a teacher. Always first class, lots of entries, and great sponsors.

When CUE asked me to do the stream to Facebook we really only had one solid choice, Wirecast. I have always been a fan and user of Wirecast. The software for your mac is really professional. You can stream to many destinations such as YouTube, Facebook and more. It allows for as many cameras as you muster. You can add overlay graphics, audio sources, music, external videos and it has a desktop presenter option.

It wasn't until today that I realized how awesome it is for Facebook Live video. Still in its infancy, live video on Facebook is going to have a major impact on my business. We have an amazing Facebook page with great discussions and we get a lot of traffic from that source. Now I plan to add live video webinar type content to my training and marketing efforts. I love this.

Let me dive into my day and workflow.

As we walked into the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles, I was amazed at the venue. One of top music schools in the world, it was pure class. The Zipper Hall, where the event happened, rivaled the L.A. Music Center across the street.

We set up a table next to the soundboard and went to work. I opened my macbook pro, plugged it in and began connecting.


First we took out 2 ipads for a wide shot and close up. We opened Wirecast's own app Wirecast Cam. This app turns your iOS device into a camera option in the software. NOTE: Also check out Wirecast GO to stream right to youtube from your iOS device. Ok the angles were set.

Next I set up my Apogee Duet, a 2 line in and 4 line out USB audio interface for iOS and Macs. The Duet allows me to connect to the soundboard and capture amazing audio. It not only works on the mac but also has a lightning connection to go directly into the iOS device of your choice. This goes with me everywhere now.

I then launched Wirecast. As it launched you can see the possibilities open in your creative brain! So much power at your fingertips. I began to connect all my sources.

Now, all was not perfect at this time. The amazing wifi at the school was not working for us. Wifi was needed to connect the iOS devices to our Wirecast solution. Hmm what to do. As I stressed I realized my iPhone had a few bars and I turned on my hotspot. This now allowed me to connect the ipads to the mac! Whew!

Next I connected the XLR audio source from the soundboard of the theater. In wirecast i made that our audio source for the event. With the headphones plugged in all sounded great.

I then added a few lower third identifiers for the event. I tested everything and all went well. Now for Facebook.

In Wirecast you choose how you want to record or stream or both. Since it was a 4 hour event i decided not to record to my drive but the option was there. I actually set up another iOgrapher to film a hard copy of the wide shot for archives. When you click on record it asks you for destinations, we chose Facebook. After logging in we were able to begin the stream. Note: I suggest getting the login credentials prior to the event for less stress!

We were all set and off we went! I had my VP of Sales Amelia with me to help and she had never used Wirecast before. By the end she was a pro, switching back and forth, adding graphics etc.

The day was great and I can say I really loved using Wirecast. It will be my solution for Facebook Live. And I may even do some tutorials for you!

Have a great week and be creative!

Cheers, Dave

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