9/11 memorial

Like it or not we are all documentarians!

Like it or not we are all documentarians!

I always speak about how we are all documentary content makes. We carry around these amazing mobile devices in our pockets, backpacks, and purses. We snap photos of our kids, film places we go. We are storytellers one and all.

I recently was in New York for a conference on social media tactics. I was invited to speak on my use of Snapchat in our business. Once the talk was over I found myself driven to visit the 9/11 Memorial

You see as a young whipper snapper I once came to the great city to find my fortune. I was one training to become a stockbroker and the office was on the 63rd flood of Trade Tower 2. 

I recalled all the hustle bustle of taking the train to the Towers. The food I would eat nearby. The candies I bought in the stores in the complex. I loved going to Windows of the World to eat steak tartare like Bud Fox had in Wall Street. It was an amazing time in my life.

And now it was gone. Poof. That horrible day will stick with all of us. As I toured the grounds and the museum, I was glad to have my iPhone 6S Plus in hand, my iOgrapher, and my lenses. I wanted to document every minute of my day there so I could show my son. 

Yes we are all documentary filmmakers, maybe not all to the level of Ken Burns, but we love to tell stories and this is another reason why I love that I invented the iOgrapher. 

Here is to the storytellers!


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