A guide to streaming to the TV from your mobile device. 

Apple iPhone or iPad

The easiest way is if you have Apple TV. You can connect using Airplay. See tutorial here.

Connecting the iPhone or iPad directly to the TV. To do this you will need an adapter that has HDMI and power (so the device wont die). Here are my recommendations:

New iPad Pro 11 or 12.9 with USB C 

iPhone or iPads with lightning inputs 

HDMI Cable to connect adapter to TV

Tutorial on Apple.com 

Mac computer

To connect the new Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or any other with USB C 

HDMI Cable to connect adapter to TV

Connecting your iPhone or iPad to ethernet

USB C device - To connect your USB C device you need the following:

Multiport Adapter

USB to Ethernet Adapter

Lightning - To connect your lightning device use this. (Note: you must also connect the adapter to power, like you are charging your device)

How to add more direct ethernet lines:

Netgear switch


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