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Starter Live Bundle for Mobile Phones

  • iOgrapher Flexible Mini Tripod
  • iOgrapher Mini Ring Light II
  • LavMobile lavalier microphone for mobile devices

You can make videos just for fun, but it can also become a profitable career. If you are looking for something to get you started – we have you covered. We offer you the iOgrapher Vlogging Starter Kit. This is a bundle that consists of everything you need to get you going. We included some of our best products in this setup so that it is helpful enough for beginners, but also exciting enough for experienced creators to try. You only need a mobile device and maybe an app of your choice and you are good to go.

Let’s go through the three things we chose for this starter kit. The Flexible Tripod comes with a mount for your mobile device and will allow for placement in any situation – a desk, a table or you can even wrap it around a pole or railing. The Mini Ring Light provides you with 3 levels of brightness and will make you look great and professional on video. You can even clip it on a laptop too. The iOgrapher LavMobile is a wired clip-on omnidirectional lavalier microphone. It is solid and will make sure the sound of your videos is broadcast quality.

If there’s a birthday or a holiday coming up and you are looking for a suitable gift, our product can be the solution of your problem. Today everyone has a profile on social media and everyone likes to make videos to share with their friends or to express themselves. The iOgrapher Vlogging Starter Kit can be the perfect present for a person with a creative mind. You can help them flesh out their ideas in the form of smart and engaging videos.

Our brand has a name and history in helping creators find the best equipment for producing their content. We have the right items for beginners to help them in their fresh start, as well as for experienced creators, who are always in search of better gear. The three pieces of equipment we included in this starter pack are one of our best-selling products and we made sure that only high-quality materials are used. Everything is easy to set up and small enough to carry with you. Everything is designed to make your live streaming, vlogging, and recorded videos look and sound professional and stand out among others.

All things considered, we offer you a starter kit that is built to perform and you will surely find it a definite purchase. We offer you all that at a very reasonable price. Add this item to your shopping cart and start making your best videos!


  • iOgrapher Flexible Tripod
  • iOgrapher Mini Ring Light
  • iOgrapher LabMobile

***Note: This does not include a phone. Also, some users may only have lightning jack input on their devices. You can use the audio adapter that the phone came with to plug the microphone into. If you need one, here is the link - CLICK ME ***