iOgrapher on FCP.CO

iOgrapher on FCP.CO

A close up of the iOgrapher at NAB 2014

Whist strictly not directly related to Final Cut Pro X, we took time to visit David Basulto at NAB 2014 so he could give us a good rundown on the iPad case called iOgrapher.

Do you shoot video on an iPad? Of course you do and so does everybody else as the iPad in the air seems to be a permanent fixture at every sporting or live event these days. 

Trouble with the iPad for shooting video is that it hasn't got an ergo-dynamically designed case for steady shots. David thought that there had to be a better way of holding the iPad for filming.

David's students were shooting a lot of video on iPads, but after looking at all the cases on the market, he decided to design his own and the iOgrapher was born.

We have to say were are impressed with the iOgrapher and David, to turn an idea around into a product on the market within a year is no easy task. It's also a a reminder that our industry is slowly moving away from the traditional methods of production that we have all been used to over the years. 

There is nothing stopping the shooting, editing, publishing and of course viewing of video on the iPad alone. Indeed, in some cases this is the norm.

The cases range from $39.95 for the iPhone, up to $69.95 for the iPad version.



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