iOgrapher at NAB 2014 products

iOgrapher at NAB 2014 products

LAS VEGAS —The camera support equipment makers are providing exciting new devices to deliver spectacular camera moves.




(displayed in the Manios Digital and Film booth) will unveil the SmartPro tripod system, a lightweight fluid head and tripod for cameras weighing up to 10 pounds.

Cartoni will also show its Maxima, a compact design fluid-action head featuring a smooth counterbalance system which is designed for fully-equipped film cameras and sophisticated broadcast packages.


KESSLER CRANE will introduce its Kessler Parallax system, adding automatic panning and fixed-point shooting capabilities to the Kessler line of camera sliders. The company will also feature the Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Carbon camera slider system, and the Stealth Carbon, which combines sleek style and linear movement in a lightweight carbon fiber camera slider.


MATTHEWS STUDIO EQUIPMENT will debut the Intel-A Big, an 8-foot extension of its Intel-A jib and now mounted on a Matthews Doorway Dolly to provide an 18-foot reach, but is easily maneuvered into almost any tight location. Also new is the Floatcam pan/tilt head with a 40 pound capacity and wireless control capability. The company will also spotlight their Off-Road OAD heavy-duty MT-1 tripod system for remote broadcast camera support, as well as their sliders, which support camera packages up to 175 pounds.


POLECAM LIMITED will launch its Polecam Professional Pack (PPP) which contains everything needed to form a Polecam crane system. Also look for Polecam’s Canon C300 Grip Relocator and the Polecam remote control panel RC200 tripods and fluid heads.


LIBEC USA will introduce a pair of new camera support products, the TH-650HD entry-level tripod system for home video and DSLR applications and the new DL- 2B wheeled dolly for use with TH-650HD and TH-950DV tripods.


MILLER CAMERA SUPPORT will premier its Skyline 70 Cine fluid head which is engineered to provide robust, reliable and versatile 150 mm ball leveling support for lighter weight sports, studio, EFP and outside broadcast productions.


SACHTLER will demonstrate its 75HD tripod in combination with the company’s FSB 6 and FSB 8 fluid heads. Also look for Sachtler’s super lightweight fluid

head with telescopic tripod, the Sachtler Ace L TT and Sachtler’s Video 18 ENG/EFP head and Cine 7+7 ENG 2 CF products.


SHOTOKU BROADCAST SYSTEMS will launch the TTH1502C carbon fiber tripod that incorporates the latest technology to give operators a lightweight, sturdy tripod that’s perfect for EFP or documentary production.


THE TIFFEN COMPANY will unveil the Davis & Sanford Attaras 4M, an affordable, rugged and ultra-light aluminum tripod. Its center post can be quickly released to form a 60-inch monopod.


VINTEN will showcase its Vision blue system together with the blueBridge, an accessory that works with any of the pan and tilt heads in the Vision blue range to extend the payloads and perfectly balance them.



BRADLEY ENGINEERING will show a set of newly-developed camera heads and accessories for unobtrusive and remote- controlled image capture, including the enhanced Camball 3 miniature rotating camera head that provides 30x optical zoom. Bradley will also show three miniature high-resolution camera heads with 4 megapixel imaging and improved low light performance. Booth visitors should also check out the company’s Eyeb 4 megapixel remote mini-camera with remotely-controllable pan, tilt and zoom. And don’t miss the XM (eXtended Motion) camera head that can be controlled by joystick, computer and pre-programming.


CAMERA CORPS will debut the Q3, developed from the Q-Ball, but with double the zoom power, a higher specification camera and a greatly expanded feature set.


ROSS VIDEO will unveil a new control option for its Furio rail-based remote control camera system. The Panbar controller makes controlling a Furio remote head similar to running a manual camera: the operator controls a fluid head for pan/ tilt/zoom/focus and foot pedals for dolly and lift. The Furio Robo rail-based studio system also adds a collision avoidance option that allows two Furio Robo dolly systems to more easily share a single track.


RUSHWORKS will introduce its new CTRL R touchscreen PTZ camera control software that controls up to 16 cameras and runs on tablets or computers. It provides pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris control, and is compatible with virtually all standalone PTZ cameras supporting serial or IP protocol.


SHOTOKU BROADCAST SYSTEMS will showcase its Ncam camera tracking system in cooperation with Ncam. The Ncam multisensing bar is mounted on the studio camera and provides real-time data to a tracking server. The company will also introduce the SG-900 manual pan/tilt/head, offering vibration-free speed and targeting OBs and studios with box-type lenses and the SX-300 mid-weight EFP pan/tilt fluid head with an 88-pound payload and wide balance capability. 


TELEMETRICS will introduce its TG4 TeleGlide track system which allows camera travel on straight track as well as on curves. Also featured is the RCCP- 1 robotic camera control panel which provides a new approach to camera automation.


VINTEN RADAMEC will demo a range of robotic camera support products working together as one innovative system. For studio applications, look for the FH145, along with the Osprey Elite and FBH-175 height drive. Booth visitors should also check out FHR-35 head for remote applications and the HDRVC control system which will be shown along with sister brand CCL’s Q-Ball remote camera system with its large joystick controller.



FREEFLY SYSTEMS will demo its MōVI M5 hand-held camera stabilizer designed to bring bigbudget camera moves to productions using HDSLRs and other small camera packages weighing up to five pounds. Freefly will also feature its Synapse flight control system that provides a new level of control, precision and reliability for unmanned aerial systems. Also look for the heavy-payload CineStar HL Multi-Rotor aerial camera platform.


GLIDECAM INDUSTRIES will introduce the Glidecam X-20, a body- mounted professional camera stabilization system designed for film and video cameras weighing up to 25 pounds, and incorporating advanced engineering and precision machining.


IOGRAPHER will launch the new iOgrapher for iPad Air and iPhone 5S. The iOgrapher’s design features two handles on each side of the case, making the iPad a hand-held stabilized rig, greatly reducing shaky footage common when shooting video with mobile devices. The iOgrapher is also designed to enable users to easily add 37 mm lenses to its lens mount area for wide angles, fisheye looks, or to capture macro or close up shots.


THE TIFFEN COMPANY will showcase its Steadicam Solo, a hybrid Steadicam/ monopod perfect for DSLRs and camcorders. It can be folded to a compact 25 x 6-inches and supports cameras weighing up to 10 pounds. Also featured will be the Steadicam Curve which is designed for tiny cameras such as the GoPro Hero.



CINEBAGS will introduce its CB35 Stryker camera bag that’s ruggedly built to provide maximum protection for camera gear and accessories.


K-TEK will introduce its KBLT-52 long boom pole bag, designed to transport and protect K-Tek and other boom poles that collapse to 52-inches long and less. The company will also premier new Stingray audio bags for small audio mixers and recorders.


PETROL BAGS will showcase an extensive product range, including its Deca Line for camcorders and other models especially designed for DSLR cameras. Also look for Petrol’s audio equipment bags, including the Deca Eargonizer, as well as the Deca Large Lightweight audio bag.


POLECAM LTD. will introduce the Long Head Weather Cover for its jib systems.


THE TIFFEN COMPANY will debut its Domke next-generation camera bag lineup which includes the Journalist Series, Adventurer Series, Metro Series and Viewfinder Series. Domke bags can be customized with Tiffen’s new PocketFlex storage component system.



AUTOCUE will be on hand to show off its new

DSLR prompters. The OCU-SSPDSLR/08 starter unit is an eight-inch prompter that mounts to a standard set of 15 mm rails in front of a DSLR. There’s also the OCU-SSPDSLR/IPAD iPad prompter designed specifically for DSLRs. It also mounts to a 15 mm rails. Autocue will also unveil its next-generation Master Series Prompter monitors.


AUTOSCRIPT will launch WinPlus Remote, an iOS-based teleprompting system that delivers up-to-date scripts to users in the field, anywhere in the world. The technology is also suited to remote news bureaus and smaller newsroom operations. The company will also demonstrate its E.P.I.C. all-in-one prompter display and on-air talent monitor that weighs 6.6 pounds less than separate similar prompter components and uses 20 percent less power. It will be shown with Autoscript’s ELP15 on-camera prompter and the TFT eight-inch flat screen on-camera prompter. Also look for the new XBOX Ultra for portable prompting.


CUESCRIPT will introduce a number of creative prompting solutions with feature-rich designs.



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