5 Reasons Why You Should Film Your Business Trainings

Film Business trainings

Training is a dreaded yet important part of managing any business. Employee trainings reinforce company culture and provide information that is important for performance. If your business is currently hosting in-person training, consider filming the training or developing video training. This article talks about why your business trainings should be in video format.

1. Video Trainings Are More Efficient

Filling a conference room with all of your employees and training staff and hosting a presentation is an antiquated way to train. Your employees will grow bored and frustrated with anyone who asks a question. Plus, who is running your business while your whole staff is in the training? 

With video trainings, each team member can watch the training when it is convenient and they can replay parts that they need to hear again. 

2. Information From Video Is Retained

Video is a prominent form of communication. People are 65% more likely to remember what they learned in a video because it is presented in a format that is comfortable for them. Videos can be watched in manageable timeframes that accommodate various attention spans. If you want your employees to remember what they learned, present it is video format.

3. Onboard New Employees

Easily and quickly onboard new employees with training videos. High quality training videos will communicate the company culture, mission, vision, as well as job description details that a new employee needs to learn. Rather than having new employees wait for the next in-person training presentation, onboard them right away with videos.

4. Video Works Better For Remote Staff

If anything positive has come from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that employers now recognize that employees are just as productive when they work remotely. Now that many people are working from home, video trainings make sense. Employees can get up to speed with the latest training videos from anywhere using their smart devices. 

5. Video Trainings Cost Less

Businesses have been spending lots of money on a location, a trainer, training manuals, food, and sometimes travel in order to provide business training. Use an iOgrapher Video Bundle and create a series of video trainings for less than $300. There is no need for a professional videographer or any fancy equipment. Edit the videos and throw them on YouTube or Vimeo and save money.

We are in an age where employees are hesitant to gather in large groups and prefer to learn from videos. Provide employee improvement opportunities in video format and your staff will thank you.

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