Why the iOgrapher

Why the iOgrapher

As a high school Media teacher I found myself constantly challenged with the fact that we had a limited amount of cameras in the classroom for my students to use. I had over 130 students throughout the day and they all wanted to create content.

It came to my attention one sunny day that many, if not all of my students have some kind of iPhone and or iPad. In my opinion I thought that these devices shot with very good video. So I decided to let them all use their own devices for upcoming projects.

My students began to get more work done, but unfortunately the images were always shaky and the audio and lighting was bad. Not only was I getting more work submitted by the students, they were beginning to tell great stories. At that moment a light bulb went off in my brain: create a rig that would hold these devices yet also allow for it to be mounted on tripods, have handles for stability, add lights lenses and audio equipment.

I tinkered on my iPad using the Paper app-a great app for drawing. I kept showing the students’ ideas I had created for a case system. We began to create something “cool”.  I then employed the help of an engineer to help me finish my design. I made a 3D model that turned into a 3D print and my idea had come to life!

Original iOgrapher 3D print

When I speak at events I always tell people to let your environment inspire you. My students truly inspired me to create what has turned into a life changing product. So remember to always look for inspiration anywhere it shows its face.

As we re-launch our new website I am inspired once again to show that we will now have a blog where I can connect to all of you amazing people and hopefully pass on a little of my knowledge from time to time. My plan right now is to do the blog once a week and also have guest bloggers from time to time. I am fortunate to know many people in the video producing world that are always willing to share their knowledge.

Let me take this time to thank you all for your awesome support and I look forward to empowering you to create more and more great content!

Dave Basulto, CEO

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