Erin Manning Travel Kit

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The best camera to have is the one you have with you, and when traveling a smartphone is the easiest camera to carry. Gone are the days when you’d come home with blurry, underexposed, or just plain old terrible pictures and videos; smartphone camera quality has significantly improved. The next quest is to find the right accessories to help capture first-rate pictures and videos, but which ones do you choose? Which case, tripod, light, or lens? What about good audio quality? And what goes with what? Do you need a special cable to connect these accessories to your phone? It’s crazy-making! If you’ve ever tried piecing together smartphone camera gear, you know what I mean. That’s why I partnered with iOgrapher to curate a special Travel Kit. This kit includes the basic accessories for capturing great images and videos, with options and suggestions for additional pieces and a travel-ready, durable case to carry everything. It’s all you need to begin capturing all the amazing people, places, and things you’ll experience on your next trip.

Step 1: Choose Your Case

Step 2: Choose Your Lenses

Step 3: See What’s Included

Step 4: Add Optional Accessories

$0.00 $298.99